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How hard does a man have to be to qualify as “hard”

Is my erection considered hard? And how hard is my erection?


This question has been puzzling many men, yes, how hard is my erection? How can I be considered to meet the standard?


Today I’m going to give some introductory explanations based on medical knowledge and some life knowledge and assertions from medical gurus.

How is a man’s “hardness” classified?

The lower the level, the worse the hardness. A few years ago, Dr. John Mulhall, known as the “father of hardness”, came to China and opened a seminar with domestic male disease experts on “four levels of hardness, enjoy 15 years of happiness “The theme of the tour was Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


In the EHS evaluation standard created by Dr. John Mulhall, male erectile hardness is divided into four levels, and he used the image of “tofu, peeled banana, banana and cucumber” to describe the grading of male erectile hardness with domestic male disease experts Deng Chunhua and Professor Zhang Bin of Sun Yat-sen University.

Grade 1:


The worst, the penis is slightly enlarged, but not firm, can not be inserted, touching like soft tofu;


Grade 2:


Slightly better than grade 1, the penis is erect, but not enough to penetrate, feel like a peeled caramel pistil;


Grade 3:


Barely qualified, the penis reached enough hardness for penetration but not fully firm, touching like unpeeled scented coke, if there is no reference, you can also try the tip of our nose;


Grade 4:


The best, the penis is fully erect and sufficient, firm like the hardness of a freshly picked ripe cucumber, if there is no reference, you can also try our forehead.


Erection hardness is closely related to timeliness and satisfaction, so you can follow the above method test test, so that they have some judgment and self-identification ability, if less than level 4, can be timely extended to the doctor for some necessary treatment.

Treatment of non-hard erection:


The first thing is to find a professional specialist, according to the condition of the disease to analyze, check, figure out the cause of the onset, where the internal organs and disease location, and then the corresponding treatment.


The second is to adjust the state of mind, do not panic, to remain unchanged in response to all changes, maintain a good state of mind and perseverance.


Three is to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, strengthen the backup.


Fourth, the couple face together, the wife should be gentle, more comfort, more understanding, more encouragement, joint responsibility, joint exploration of a new suitable for their new sexual life style.


Five is to follow the laws of nature, correct bad habits, proper exercise, “sunrise and sunset”. Regular life, early to bed and early to rise, do not stay up late, eat on time and in moderation, sex life as far as possible also have a regular.


Sixth, insist on continuous use of Chinese medicine and special medicine (Chinese medicine navel therapy, Chinese medicine enema method, Chinese medicine meridian and acupoint infrared therapy) to enhance and consolidate the treatment effect.

Self-help small exercises:


I. Anal lifting exercise:


The regular contraction of the anus is a kind of “rejuvenation” in traditional Chinese medicine, also called “handful of Valley Road”.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in a position to do this, but you can also do it if you are lying down or standing upright or sitting in a car, boat or plane, Testicles, epididymis, muscle tone and blood circulation, enhance pleasure and ejaculation strength, very beneficial to maintain normal human sexual function.


This method can also improve the blood circulation around the pelvis for women, promote the recovery of sexual organs, and have a better effect on low libido for women.


Method: Relax your whole body and breathe naturally. When exhaling, do the anal retraction action when defecating, relax when inhaling, and repeat.

Second, squatting horse stance:


Squatting horse stance is the basic training part of the martial arts practitioners, mainly to complete the regulation of blood, spiritual training, exercise the control of ideas and consciousness. Long-term squatting horse stance pile, can make the internal organs of the human body to get special exercise, its function will be improved, so that the body’s qi and blood balance, internal gas filling, endocrine function, can strengthen the kidney waist, strengthen the tendons and replenish the qi, regulate the essence of the spirit.


Squatting horse stance to train the waist strength and pelvic muscles, enhance the strength and stability of the lumbosacral, and protect the comfort of various lumbosacral nerves. Strengthen organ function and sexual hormone secretion.


Method: legs crossed and shoulder width, both thighs parallel to the ground, hands outstretched in front. Breathe naturally. At first you can start with 30 seconds, as time gradually, slowly increase the time.

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