Love Story

Crush on those things

It has been said that

Those things about secret love

I see deer when the forest is deep, I see whales when the sea is blue, and I see you when I wake up. But in reality:

When the forest is deep, the fog rises; when the sea is blue, the waves surge; when I wake up, the night continues. I don’t see the deer, I don’t see the whale, and I don’t see you. But in the end:

The deer came on the fog, and the whale came with the waves. How can you know I am not there if you don’t turn around?

But it seems to me:

The deer saw people and disappeared in the deep forest, the whale stepped on the waves and ran into the shallows, just as I saw you as if you were scared. After all: the deer is afraid of people, the tide is ebbing and the whales are falling, and the fog hides your heart. I don’t see you, I don’t see me.

The girl and the boy are grown up, their parents are also good friends. The boy and the girl are very playful, they are in elementary school middle school high school together, the boy grew up to like to stick to the girl, the girl is also used to, the second year of high school, the boy is the girl’s desk, their grades are more than medium, but the class will also speak whisper, the teacher saw, will only say two sentences.

summer vacation, the boy invited the girl to go out to play, the girl readily agreed, the girl asked the boy where we go to play, the boy just said where you want to go, the girl did not think too much, went, they sat on the bus, the girl appreciated the scenery along the way, unknowingly, the girl fell asleep, head on the boy’s shoulder, the boy was very happy, because he grew up loving the girl, as a child, the boy did not know what it means to like The girl’s face is a little bit more beautiful than the girl’s. At the moment the sun shines on the girl’s face, the boy could not help but want to kiss up, but the car suddenly a stop, the girl was awakened, the girl looked at the red-faced boy could not help but laugh out, the boy subconsciously back to the face.

Out of the car, the girl looked at the endless sea, and then looked at the boy, asked him why he knew he wanted to come here, the boy said he was a roundworm in the girl’s stomach, know everything, the girl laughed.

The two had a great time and didn’t go back until late.

Soon, the senior year of high school, the two are catching up on their studies, and got into the same good university.

The girl studied history, the boy is a computer major, although not the same major, but they have time to stay together, the two people do not have a clear relationship, but in the eyes of everyone, the two of them is a pair of old married couple. Four years soon passed.

The boy went to work in a company, by the strength of a month 7000 salary, the girl finished college, went to a historical and cultural relics museum to do that of a heritage administrator, the salary is not high only 4000.

The boy and the girl were in two different places, but good in a city, free to see one side.

With the growth of age, the task of increasing the weight, the two also less and less contact.

But the original inner crush and like is slow to reveal, the girl did not have the courage to run over to the boy to say the sincere words of the heart, the boy feels that he is not good enough now, let himself become good and then go to the girl boldly confessed.

The two people are almost to the age of marriage, the girl was forced by her family to go on a blind date, she did not see the boy in addition to the boy, she waited hard for the boy, she no longer want to so bitterly crush on, she bought a high-speed train ticket that night, and then from her friends know the boy’s workplace and residential address, she was very excited and happy to find her crush on the boy for a long time.

She waited for a long time under the boy’s building, finally saw the boy’s figure, would have liked to go up and say hello to him, when the boy rushed out behind another girl, the girl hid and did not dare to move forward, she watched the beautiful girl with a large bouquet of flowers and the boy confessed, see the boy hesitated but still accepted her flowers, and then the girl wrapped her arms around the boy happily around the circle, the two embraced each other for a long time, the girl hid In the pillar there sobbed uncontrollably.

Then the girl went back to accept the family blind date, and then the boy came back to the girl after three months, he finally stabilized his job is back to propose to the girl, he bought some gifts and then went to the girl’s home, but out to meet him was not the girl, but a strange man.

They both looked at each other, the boy spoke first and said: “Hello, may I ask you? I’m here to see Lin Yue, is she in?” The man in the door replied, “Oh, my wife went out to buy vegetables, she should be back soon.” The words just fell, Lin Yue just then climbed up, saw her very familiar background before, panicked internally, froze for a long time, the dishes in her hand fell on the floor, her previous crush on the boy is now in front of her, many memories of the previous past came to mind, the original good memories are now blocking Lin Yue’s new room full.

Lin Yue’s husband heard, went out to pick up the dishes in Lin Yue’s hand, and then greeted the man into the house to have a seat, Lin Yue’s eyes flooded with tears but has been forcing himself not to stay, the original crush on a person’s feelings do not fade away with the years, when your crush reappears, the heart will still be flooded with waves, red eyes.

Lin Yue was quiet for a long time, finally opened his mouth: “Li Xuan, you’re back.” Li Xuan also froze for a long time, he did not think that her girl has now married a wife, no longer her girl, he stuffed the proposal ring in his pocket back, pretending to be relaxed and replied, “Yes, I’m back, I came to see how you are doing? I’m relieved to see that you’re doing well now. These are the gifts I bought for you, I hope you like them, now that there’s nothing else, I should go.”

Lin Yue gave him a look and nodded her head. Getting up to see him to the door, Li Xuan turned back and met Lin Yue’s gaze, he said, “Time flies, in a flash you’re getting married, let’s send it here.”

Out of Lin Yue’s house, Li Xuan about a few childhood friends to the bar to drink, and then he learned from their friends Lin Yue then had run away from home to look for him, was crying back, and later because he saw him hugging with another girl, Lin Yue then broke his heart to accept the family blind date, and then quickly married.

Li Xuan heard his best friend’s account there at the bar, crying like a child who had lost his beloved doll.

The secret love, is a one-man show, that a sour, that a throbbing, only one person taste. Really, you love a person, do not wait, crush to the end, you love the person brave to chase, there are flowers can be folded straight must be folded, do not wait for no flowers empty broken branches.

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