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Dating to master holding hands, hugs, touching breasts to take home dating skills, 3 moves to make her your little good boy

Boys and girls dating is what, of course, two people in pairs to return home, then how to get girls to return the law with you? I’m not going to sell it, just say the dry goods. The dry goods here is that you have already built attraction. You have already done the attraction building, the following is the dating. I am at this stage to start talking.
Two days ago a guy asked me and the girl has been dating, what to do to make the feelings reheat, talk about what topics to make the two feelings better. A little asked the editor down.

Dating to enhance the feelings of the couple’s project, you can buy food and cook together, choose a good scenery of the place to vacation, buy clothes together to give each other clothing advice. Walk the dark alley, let her close her eyes you lead her forward, give each other massage, professional level, planning each other’s love future, discussing together how to raise children. If two people still do not have any passion, you can take the method of reading palms, so that the two people ambiguous escalation.

So how do you get a girl to go home with you?

First, let’s filter by time and place.

After you have had a minimum of 2 to 3 dates with a sense of familiarity, your attraction and familiarity is almost established. For newbies, you must have had the experience of holding hands, hugging and kissing. Otherwise you panic, the girl will only think you goose (first date I do not recommend, unless you are a master of this.)

You can then properly arrange the time and place of the date is a key factor in whether the two people together, for these two points of to be carefully arranged.

Time, it is best not to date too late, if it is dinner, try to advance to 5:30, 6:00. If the date is too late, it may prevent the activities after the meal.

Location, it is best to make an appointment at (home or hotel). So as to find an excuse to take home.
Secondly, in the process of dating girls, the man must take the lead.

For example, “I have time tomorrow at three or four o’clock in the afternoon, there is no interest in coming out to talk” in this way about people.

The person who is interesting to you, she will be willing to cooperate with your time and place, not interesting to you, no time will not hold on. The same girl can try a few more times, if he is not willing to cooperate, may not be interesting to you. Then you will try to pick other flowers.

Time and place can not be constrained, each girl’s good feeling for you, as well as the degree of conservatism will have an impact. Now I can only talk in the most basic way.

Second, about out to filter by sexual teasing. What is sexual teasing? Sexual teasing is the physical contact before the sexual act.

For example:touching hands, touching hair, touching ears, etc. In the process of dating a girl, there must be sexual teasing. This is an important key to determine whether a girl is most willing to sleep with us.

Whether it is dinner or tea together, sexual teasing should be done. If you are afraid to make a move for fear of being perceived as horny by the girl, or if you want to be a fluttering gentleman, then you should continue to be single.

Since you pay a girl for a date, you must have something in return. If he refuses your sexual advances, it is not a bad thing, at least you know that people are not interested in you, no need to spend money and time to ask him.

And if you ask a girl out every time, are afraid to take action, not just spend more money, and will make the girl who was interested in you become uninterested in you.

So, the earlier you try, the better for you. The later you drag, the more you go to the spare tire, but do not know the confession of death confession ah, you want to scare the girl ah.

However, the tease is not too direct, too wild, it is best to euphemism, gentle techniques, with reasons that are not reasons to carry out. For example, “ah, do not move, there is something in the hair”, “your fingers are so long” and other ways to contact.

A girl who is interested in you will go along with your actions. You can further try her with a more exaggerated physical contact.

Once again, do not use confessions to carry out. Saying things like “I like you a lot, I care about you a lot, be my girlfriend” will scare her. (Remind again)
These two methods can basically filter out the girls who are not interested in you – I’m talking about the ones who are not interested in you for a certain period of time.

To get to this point, you can start thinking about how to take a girl home or to a hotel during the course of the date.

But whether it is to take home or take to the hotel you have to give a reason.

This reason means “to be my woman”. If you say this to a girl, you will scare her.

We can only convince her with a reason that is not a reason. In fact, every girl understands what you mean, willing to have a period with you or something, any reason can be.

To you no meaning, say what is in vain. Here are some idiotic cases for reference.

“I want to buy water.” I have a lot of water at home, go to my house to drink.”

“My house is right next to it, stop by and have a seat, then I’ll send you back later.”

“Come to my house and watch the vcd.”

“I forgot something, go back with me and get it.”

“I’m so tired, there is a hotel next to me, go rest for a while.”

“I heard that ** hotel is very beautiful, do you want to go to see”

Sometimes, the process of convincing a girl to go is already the process of convincing a girl to become your woman.

Another example to illustrate.

Man: “Go up and sit for a while” (do my woman it)

Woman: “too late, it’s not good” (reserved)

Man: “I’ll go up and get something to send you home, quickly” (be my woman)

Woman: “Then I’ll wait for you here” (still hesitant)

Man: “or go up, or you wait at the door, you are here alone I do not feel comfortable” (still hesitate what? Do my woman it)

Woman: “What floor is your home” (a little shaken)

Man: “Fifth floor, but not high” (come on, what are you waiting for)

Woman: “Then I’ll wait for you at the door” (was convinced)

Note: Later the girl still did not wait at the door, the finger crossed before being sent back (two hours after the first date)

This is an extremely detailed effort, changing conditions, to judge for themselves.

Can take the girl back, 50% chance can become your woman, but there are still 50% variables. We still have to handle it carefully.

Generally speaking, if the outside has accepted your more excessive sexual advances, we can be sure that we can soon enter the subject.

If it is more average, there is still a battle to be fought. Now let’s talk about it in a more general situation. Sometimes you’ll meet some innocent girl who really thinks she’s going to your house to listen to music or watch TV.
It doesn’t matter if they really don’t understand, or if they are just pretending to be confused. We all have to convince her with our actions. So what kind of action are we going to take?

That would be further flirting, and teasing, like kissing and caressing. We still have to strike in a gentle, non-strong aggressive way-.

For example, when the girl looks at your bookcase, cd rack, window, behind the secret kiss, the part can be hair, ear, back of the neck. Or just quietly and gently hug her.

And often let the girl did not realize that you will so attack, but in the situation of not knowing how to face, and silently accept.

If she does not refuse, you can then carry out a little more bold attacks until you can TD for it.
3 Respect for the woman

In this way to strike to pay attention to one thing. It is to respect the girl, some girls sometimes do not have confidence in a certain part of themselves and will refuse your attack on it.

This is when you should go around and attack the area where he has confidence. These will not say, you can watch a movie or something.

A word of caution here, a girl’s willingness to accept your lightness does not mean she is willing to have sex with you.

Because we are using her overwhelmed psychology to provoke her most primitive desires. Sometimes at the critical moment they will suddenly come to their senses and push you away.

This may be the thought of something, such as morality or something. In this case, the girl needs a reason to convince herself.

This reason may not be important to us or to them at all, but they just need this reason. You can’t take off her panties without breaking through this barrier.

So what reason do girls really need?

I think the reason girls need is that they want you to “respect her, like her, love her”. Sometimes girls are afraid of being too fast for you, pretending to be reserved.

Sometimes it is reluctance. Sometimes it’s morality. Whatever the case, just be sincere in expressing your affection.

“What do you really think now?”

“What do you take me for?”

“Don’t you think it’s too soon?”

“Do you like me?”

There is only one right answer.

Say what she wants to hear (pay attention to this phrase)

She asks, “Do you love me?” You can only answer I love you. If you answer incorrectly, you will be kicked off immediately.

Here are a few correct answers

1 I don’t know why? I can’t control myself when I see you. I think I’m in love with you. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. You know I’m a highly educated person, not usually like this.

2 I know you are very nice girl and I am very serious. It’s that I like you so much that I do this.

3 Of course I like you, do I even need to say that? From the first time I saw you I felt that you were very special and unique, probably from then on I had feelings for you.

Ha ha, have you seen the movie? Bad men break down the girl’s defenses are doing so.

Love is beautiful, but love is even more favourable to those who have a heart. The ability to fall in love takes practice. There are rules and techniques to get along with girls that are not necessarily suitable for all guys, but the laws of love are worth referring to.

If now you still don’t know how you should go and chat with girls, don’t know how to invite girls out to date you, don’t even know how you should make her your girlfriend, then you can become my friend, I will share a lot of relationship methods and laws, even if you a little relationship experience also you don’t, the methods and language inside can help you find your girlfriend quickly.

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