Dating Skills

All pick-up techniques are based on the other party’s feedback

I saw a segment that said picking up girls is like chasing a dog in the street. If the street hit the dog a bit, chase it, the dog will flee, you stop, run back, the dog will think you are teasing it, the dog will chase you in turn, so a chase, the dog and you close up.

So many people are like the first half, by bullying to attract the attention of the girl.

But many guys often feel addicted to chasing dogs, chasing them out of the alley.

Thus, they become single dogs.

All pickup tips are based on the other person’s feedback.

No matter how good you think you are at flirting, if you can’t get the emotions conveyed by the other party. When the other party refuses to interact, it is impolite to get high.

Take a simple example.

One day you chat with a girl you like, you share your current state to open the conversation

“I’m going to party with my friends on xx day, how about you?” If the other person’s feedback is “Ha, I’m going to party with my friends too. What event did you attend?”

This means that the girl wants to communicate with you at the moment, so feel free to interact.

If the other party’s feedback is “Well, have fun”, then no matter how good you are at chatting and teasing, don’t use it this time.

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