Sexual Techniques

Three orgasms, making her a “slave” of love

If you can temporarily stop breathing during sex, both men and women can suppress sexual excitement and delay the onset of pleasure.
However, it may be God’s plan that women often do not easily regulate their breathing.
The woman will soon feel shortness of breath during sex.
That is, women will take a short breath to show men that they have reached orgasm.
The male can control his breathing freely after certain training, in addition to the violent piston movement, to promote female orgasm.
In addition to the vigorous pistoning motion, the man can also control himself urgently before ejaculation.
This technique is a male monopoly.

By the male regulation of breathing to extend the duration of sex.
This is what the ancients called the “divine method”, is the highest level of sex.
The main point is “do not pull out and pass through the three levels”, but this does not mean that you need to ejaculate three times.

First, when the erect penis reaches the fully moistened vagina, the technique must be used with care.
After insertion, men can not only consider their own pleasure, but should depend on the female response to move, is the best policy.
This is when the male learns to adjust his breathing is the key to success.
Because this will be able to induce multiple female orgasms, otherwise once the male ejaculation, intercourse will be over.
Men should place the penis in the vagina for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
Every five to seven minutes to repeat the piston movement, to give women four or five times after the comfort of ejaculation.

Women such as the male sexual exercise, soon to reach orgasm.
Meet the orgasm, the man should be able to wake up to recognize the situation, this is the male skills.
With ejaculation, the penis will be softened, although
But then the convulsions will give the female uterus with strong stimulation, while for both sides to pleasure.

Women will recover after orgasm, about three to five minutes.
The man should wait until she recovers and then repeat the up and down movement to push the woman to the next orgasm.
The taste of this can only be experienced by both partners.
If you can get this orgasm feeling three times, nine out of ten women will have an orgasm.
Nine times out of ten, the woman will scream from the bottom of her heart, “I can’t!”
At this point, the man can probably ejaculate his suppressed semen in one gulp.
In this way, your woman will become your faithful and loving slave.

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