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Pick up girls skills to learn to subtly observe whether the girl has a good feeling for you

Pick up girls is not to move all the routines to the girls, but to use certain pick up skills to hit the girl’s heart.

Then the boys should learn to look at the six roads and listen to the eight directions, learn how to determine whether the girl has a good feeling for you. So that you can consider the next step in the plan.

Pick up tips a use of physical contact test

This method is best used when you are already very familiar, because if you are not familiar, the girl will feel that you are a rogue.

So how to chase girls? You can have a little bit of domineering president, when walking on the side of the road, you can take the girl’s arm and hold. If the girl is very strong resistance, then obviously she does not have a good feeling about you. If she resists a little, or feel a little reserved, then she does not hate you oh.

Pick up girls skills two distance test
How to determine whether the girl has a good feeling for you can use the distance test method. For example, when you are eating, you sit next to her, you intentionally or unintentionally close to her, her reaction feels very awkward, has been trying to get away from you. Or she just feels shy, then she will pout with you, let you stay away. The two different expressions give out different answers.

Pick up tips three observe the chat reaction

If you and the girl are still just communicating with each other on top of WeChat, then you have to judge the girl based on her conversation with you.

For example, if you ask her what she is doing, she answers perfunctorily, which can indicate that she is not interested in talking with you now. If she answers you at work and then asks you questions back, it means she wants to continue talking with you.

How to chase a girl a little trick is to capture, guys first frequently find a girl chat, and then hang her out for a few days, if she has a good feeling about you, then she will take the initiative to find you chat, want to know what you are doing these days.

Did you learn the above pick up tips? If you want to try out the girl you like then hurry up and take action to see if she likes you too.

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