Love Story

Confused husband warm love

My husband is good at everything in my eyes, but there is one thing, too confused, losing his wallet and dropping his keys is a frequent occurrence, but my husband always says it is bad luck, and does not admit that he is confused. Generally, I don’t bother with him, because at the end of the argument, he often forgets what he said in front of him.

A few days ago, I bought a fitness machine back from the Internet, my husband and I have reached the age of drinking water to grow meat, not fitness can not be. But the fitness machine sent back, is fragmented, have to install their own, I think about whether to invite someone back to install, but my husband said: “There is a big man at home, but also find someone else to install, shame on you! And then he started to move his hands.

I can’t help but be a little anxious when I see my husband’s face when he’s about to throw his arms wide open. According to my mother-in-law, my husband has always liked to dismantle things in the house since he was a child, but none of them can be restored. This fitness machine, he can not recover and not to mention, really can not find someone to help, I am afraid that he lost the parts, but forgot where to throw.

But my husband is after all a big man, I can not say too much, I just have to watch him in the living room pounding the parts all over the floor. But my plans fell through, my husband suspected that I was in the way, without saying a word, drove me to the study.

After a few hours of fear, I finally heard my husband say in the living room, “Finally, it’s done!” I rushed to the living room to take a look, a beautiful fitness machine right in front of my eyes, really can not look at people with the old eyes, I will be a fierce husband praised. But just ready to experience the fitness machine, but my husband stopped me, red face and said, “Danger!” I looked at my husband curiously, what’s so dangerous about this fitness machine? It’s not a flammable or explosive item.

My husband saw me staring at him, only slowly stretched out his hand, said: “installed to the end actually more than one part, I really do not know where this part is installed!”

I picked up the part and looked at it carefully, my husband explained vigorously: “This fitness machine is installed quite well ah, you see my hand screwing this screw are red, almost blood blisters, which thought, there will be an extra to ……”

I tried to hold back my laughter, holding the part, said to my husband, “Honey, this is not a small screw screw hand?”

The husband heard, grabbed the parts to look left and right, and finally exclaimed, “I’m really confused!” I can’t help but hear the joy, although the husband confused, but it is very cute, so that we have a good life, but added a fun.

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