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What exactly happens when you don’t have sex for a long time

“I have been separated from my ex-boyfriend for more than a year, and I always feel that my skin and body condition have deteriorated after the separation. Does not having sex for a long time really have an effect on the body? Or is it just a psychological effect?”


1. Will my vagina be tighter?

Because the vaginal wall contains a lot of elastic fibers, the vagina has a good ability to stretch. If you think about how big a baby can come out of the vagina when a pregnant mother gives birth, you can see how good the vagina is in terms of stretching ability.


The reason why women have vaginal laxity is because the pelvic floor function has problems and the pulling force on the vagina is weakened.


But sex doesn’t affect the pelvic floor function, only pregnancy and aging make changes in the pelvic floor structure.


Therefore, the conclusion is that frequent sex does not make the vagina loose, and no sex for a long time does not make the vagina tighter.


2、Does it cause menstrual pain?

There are two types of dysmenorrhea: primary dysmenorrhea, which starts from puberty, and organic pelvic disease.


The primary dysmenorrhea is related to the increase in endometrial prostaglandin content during menstruation. There are two types of painkillers for menstrual pain, one is a prostaglandin synthase inhibitor and the other is a contraceptive pill, which contains estrogen.


This is why it is said that sex will stimulate estrogen secretion and relieve menstrual pain.


But in fact, the secretion of hormones is regulated by the whole endocrine system of the body, and the normal endocrine system of the body is in a balanced state. Therefore, the secretion of estrogen does not decrease because of the long-term absence of sex.


3, the skin will become worse?

When you see this statement, you immediately think: the skin of a young girl is more watery.


The state of the skin is influenced by many factors. Mental state, age, physical condition, daily care, diet and regularity of work and rest will affect the state of the skin.


Among these factors, sex or orgasm can only affect the mental state. So, you can’t blame a long absence of sex for your skin getting worse. It may be that you have not done the maintenance work recently, or did not rest well.

If you must say what the impact of long-term no sex will be, I guess the desire will be stronger. Other than that, what do you say?

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