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Old drivers reveal the 3 tips to pick up girls, so you can easily harvest the goddess around you

All the love, have a good start, a good impression, boys should take the initiative when they meet the girl they are attracted to, don’t think about this good thing that they are bored and wait for the girl to take the initiative to find the door, to catch up to the girl you like, pick up skills you must master, so that the girl who likes to have the opportunity to know themselves, give your feelings a good start, if you don’t know how to pick up girls, the following Lei share the pickup tips, so you can easily tease the girl.

Why are men picking up girls afraid to hit on them?

What will be lost if the pickup fails?

The loss of time is not much, just a few minutes; beauty is not likely to take off high heels to hit my head; even if the beauty of the boyfriend or husband in the vicinity, will not hit you, you know that now is a civilized society. At most, just walk away, nothing!

The biggest loss is: that minute of face, and this feeling of no face, do not have to continue for too long, you can escape from the scene without risk or accident, to escape from the sight of all those who saw the incident. Think about it, are you so afraid of losing this face?

As we all know, men are the best face, especially in front of women to lose face, that is really unbearable. However, when picking up women, we often spell: thick skin. If, you pick up girls still like a pussy, pussy will like you? In fact, just self-esteem at work. In the woman’s view, the pickup failed, and there is nothing, just men are overly valued.

In fact, hitting on a woman is a kind of affirmation and praise for her. So please don’t think too much, give yourself too much pressure, to get out of the single early, labeled has been sold, to be thick-skinned.
Pick up tips 1, the time and place of the first date is important

According to the type of chick you are about to determine, be sure to consider the weather and seasonal weather

A, lady, fresh, literary, business class workaholic and not clear what set of chicks, about in the afternoon around 3:00 in the cafe or something, 20 minutes in advance to, there are windows to sit by the window, strictly prohibited single room. Afternoon meeting is very advantageous, save the noon dinner do not know where to go, drowsy embarrassment, but also save the night to meet the chick’s makeup is too thick, can not see the original tangle. Talk very happy on 5:30 according to the results of the afternoon chat fixed place to have dinner together, until watching a movie or something. The chat is very tough to say they have dinner tonight, take a taxi to send the girl home, and then you can arrange the next scene.

B, sports models and crazy girl type, about 2 brothers to help, play a board game, a tennis badminton, watch a game or something, remember, help can not be more handsome than you, at the same time absolutely not than you have a temperament, character to be good, and your taste completely different, or even if your brother is not tragic, the girl tragic …… you also collapse to treat not Mature chicks, approaching in this way can be the fastest way to get, but also to avoid the two of you wide-eyed chatting all afternoon, and finally found that in addition to fighting mouth stinking poor nothing progress.

Pick up tips 2, the girl’s mind you do not guess, the girl guess you you will be successful

The first day seems to be to confess, but do not confess. The second day first text message said, I want to hold your hand, but do not hold, do not touch her at all. The third day, hold it, like you yesterday to get ready. Do not like you, the next day pushed your date.

Pick up tips 3, universal comfort phrases

Ambiguous period with these is enough, more will annoy the girl, less does not play the purpose of the pit to kill the enemy. All in all, the woman who is a Transformer has a bird’s-eye side, so go ahead and spoil it. Do not be too fleshy, address less with the latter, care about the term first, use more.

1, good, girl, silly girl, little fool, girl.

2, the almighty hot water: cold, you drink more hot water, fever, you drink more hot water, stomach pain, you drink more hot water, come to the aunt, you drink more hot water.

3、Cover up well, eat well, wear more.

4, send the girl home, if you like it more, send a text message, if you want to give more power, then a phone call.

Remember that the loli planted in the hands of the uncle, the uncle planted in the hands of the imperial sister, the imperial sister planted in the hands of the wife, the wife planted in the hands of the queen, the queen depends on the mood, not necessarily planted where.

Lei has a love secret here, years of practical experience summed up, can help you capture the goddess, get rid of single, improve emotional intelligence, friends in need can come to Lei Weixin to get, note love. In fact, love is not as complicated as we think, as long as we learn, understand, attentive management will be able to harvest a beautiful love, so that the person you love to fall in love with you. No one is born with these professional skills, much less born with experience. Many love, only once in a lifetime, do not wait to miss a good opportunity to catch up!

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