Sexual Techniques

The six weapons that make women come fast

Reaching orgasm during intercourse is usually due to the conscious and active participation of the woman, during which they place a part of their most sensitive a** in the center of physical contact with the man, usually bringing it into contact with the male pubic area. So, fundamentally, this **stimulation during sexual intercourse can be seen as a stimulation of the female self during sexual intercourse. In summary, there are six basic ways to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse

(1) woman-initiated sexual intercourse position

The female position should be the most effective way to allow women to gain the full freedom of movement to seek self-gratification. This position will at the same time make women tighten their legs and together, or can adjust the penis insertion amplitude to suit the woman’s own way to make her ** and the man’s pubic bone touch.

Alternatively a woman’s belly can be used in a position where her belly is pressed against the bottom, which is an effective method for many women. The woman lies face down on the bed and the man inserts his penis into the vagina from behind. This allows the woman to rub against the bed and sheet in the way she is used to, and the man on top of her adds more pleasure for her.

(2) Rubbing the pubic bone area/vagina together

This method of rubbing is very similar to the female on top position, but can be used in any position. Grinding includes complete penetration, leaving only a little penis in the vagina to pump, or making the penis completely inserted without pumping, and one party rotating and twisting the body in a circle, so the pubic parts of men and women will be close together and rub against each other, especially the woman’s labia and pussy will get a great and very pleasant friction stimulation.

(3) in the process of sexual intercourse, men and women’s pubic bone contact with each other

With the man’s pubic bone pressed against the woman’s **, with each penis pumping to stimulate the **. In most cases, the man does the body movement. One of the most commonly used positions is the male top position, but also one or both parties can take a sitting position. The woman’s legs can be in any position, such as thighs apart, bent upward, backward, thighs into the air can be. The principle is to make the penis pumping on the ** stimulation is not too difficult, the woman’s own body movement to free.

In the “male and female pussy together” for frictional stimulation, women prefer the following:

Slow, gentle, sensitive and strong. Not a constant pounding. Slow and gentle penetration, squeezing the pussy at the end of penetration. In general, only women who are unable to reach orgasm during intercourse will prefer rough treatment.

During “squeeze and rub” stimulation women prefer the following:

Gentle and deep penetration – almost no pumping, just lying there together, deeply embracing, with the penis deep in the vagina. But it should also be borne in mind that women need continuous stimulation to reach orgasm, just the opposite of men who need moderate intermittent stimulation. As it is necessary to maintain an effective rhythm of movement, in each of the shortest moments.

(4) Keeping the penis in the vagina and not letting it pump back and forth

The head of the penis is located just in the labia, and the root of the penis is pushed upwards towards the ** area, as if to cover the pussy door. But paradoxically, what makes a woman feel good can sometimes feel bad for another man. This position, where the penis is not inserted deeply, can make some men feel less than fully sexual.

(5) Repeated penetration with the penis to the vagina

In this kind of intercourse penis penetration than the last position is less. That is, the penis only moves near the inner edge of the outer labia, or even leaves the cunt completely with each stroke, so that the entrance to the vagina and the labia are constantly stretched and stimulated.

(6) Adequate **stimulation or other forms of stimulation are given prior to orgasm, followed by penile insertion into the vagina, with the woman reaching orgasm a little later

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