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Can you still have children if you are tested for HPV infection


There are three conditions that can occur after HPV infection:

① Asymptomatic: HPV exists in the mucosal tissue of the skin for a long time without causing obvious clinical symptoms.

② Self-eliminating: Some HPV infections are self-limiting and can gradually subside after a certain period of time.

③ Lesions: Some HPV infections further develop into clinically manifested lesions after a certain latent period, such as condyloma acuminata and tumors.


Simple HPV infection, that is, only HPV infection, and the cervical cells have not yet developed lesions, this situation does not require treatment, only regular follow-up review.


The latest clinical view is that simple HPV infection without histocytological changes does not require waiting for the virus to clear before pregnancy, because simple HPV infection has no effect on pregnancy. The treatment of simple HPV is mainly cleared by the body’s own immunity and the time is relatively long, so there is no need to waste time for simple HPV infection and you can prepare for pregnancy directly.


HPV infection in the mother also does not affect fetal development, and although it cannot be ruled out that the baby will be born infected, just like adults with HPV infection, most babies will clear the virus on their own.

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