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These unreliable methods of birth control, you have definitely used

Three out of 10 women have had abortions, and if you use the wrong contraceptive method and accidentally get pregnant, you will be the one to lose.


Almost every day at work, people ask, “Doctor, how can I still be pregnant after taking the emergency contraceptive pill? Doctor, I just got my period, why did I get pregnant again? When you ask carefully, it turns out that you have taken the emergency contraceptive pill orally.

So what are these unreliable contraceptive methods?


1. In vitro ejaculation


Even if there is only one sperm, it is possible for you to get pregnant, so when you are snapping, it is difficult to control yourself to do completely in vitro ejaculation, and that is how accidents happen!



2、Emergency contraceptive pills


The emergency contraceptive pill is taken orally within 72 hours of snapping, not as a regular contraceptive measure! It not only has a high contraceptive failure rate, but also has great side effects, often leading to menstrual disorders!



3、Safety period


The safety period is 14 days before each menstruation, menstruation is regulated, then it is difficult to be affected by a variety of factors, ovulation is also uncertain. All, ovulation contraception even if occasionally successful that is also a fluke! Not reliable, not reliable, not reliable!



4、Vaginal douche method


A patient once came to the clinic for menopause and asked if she could be pregnant. She said that it was impossible to get pregnant by douching her vagina after every time she had sex. I was surprised that this was a method of birth control I had never heard of. Because, when ejaculation occurs, the sperm will immediately break away from the semen and travel to the uterine cavity. So no matter how much you douche, it won’t get clean!



5, breastfeeding contraception


Many people think that if you don’t get your period during breastfeeding, you won’t get pregnant. This idea is very wrong, even if the breastfeeding mother does not have a period, may also resume ovulation, so breastfeeding mother also need to do a good job of contraception.

Reliable contraceptive methods




Condoms are the most simple, convenient and clean method of avoiding children, as long as you use the correct general is not pregnant, it can not only contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, recommended recommended!


2, short-acting contraceptive pills


Short-acting contraceptive pills are suitable for most healthy women. According to research it can reduce the incidence of breast cancer ovarian cancer. But it also has shortcomings is the trouble, every day to take the pill on time. It should be used under the guidance of a professional doctor or pharmacist!




After the liberalization of the two-child policy, fewer and fewer people choose this method.


4、Intrauterine device


The IUD is also very effective, reversible, and can quickly restore the reproductive function. However, it also has certain risks, and some people experience irregular vaginal bleeding after the IUD. Others can become pregnant and have an ectopic pregnancy.

Some people may ask: Is there a 100% birth control method, doctor?


The doctor says: Yes, that is abstinence!

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