Sexual Techniques

Stimulating the G-spot with the penis

We all know a lot about the G-spot, but we mostly use our fingers to stimulate the G-spot, and what we get is mostly visual and auditory enjoyment, you know? In fact, the real enjoyment is in her G-spot orgasm, the brother in her body, and at the same time feel her ejaculation of lust, hot and watery feeling will also make your pleasure to enhance.
Here I introduce, I a little experience for your reference, I also have had a few intercourse object feelings, the shortcomings please raise, the goal is to improve together.
The first thing you need to do is not to directly stimulate the clitoris, but to let her feel the need to slide your fingers on both sides of the labia minora as much as possible, if she will soon be excited, then you do not continue to stimulate her vagina, into
Attack other parts of the body.
The process of stimulating the vagina, do not insert your fingers into the vagina, that will reduce the vagina’s need for the brother, just gently rub the hole, you can also oral sex, pay attention to the same method as the finger stroking, point to and can.
The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.
The depth of insertion is dependent on the person, only more to do to accurately grasp, do not rush to insert and send after entering. The key to technology is here, you want to not insert the case, let your brother himself in the vagina on the top, she will feel very strange, there are special feelings, she will be happy to take the initiative to ask your brother how they move ah! It is also a way to increase the interest.
Time not long, you can insert and send, the speed must be controlled, whether it is into or out, the speed should be slow, especially out of the time, to slowly rub, work on your control and ability to spend, the brother always have to lift the head, at first with this method, will make you very tired, regular exercise will adapt.
Hands do not spare, a system hand to support the body, another finger hand into the combination, gently rub the upper part of her clitoris bulge, occasionally touch the clitoris, each woman’s body feels different, if she takes the initiative to tell you her feelings, must be done in accordance with what she said, to fast on fast, to slow on slow, generally Chinese women take the initiative to ask you, stating that she has a strong need to put down the face of the wise woman, not to say the kind of The woman’s orgasmic performance will be shared with you some day!
But remember that the angle of the brother upward is very important, fingers easy to make women G-point orgasm, is to think that the fingers can bend, and hard with strength, you can let the brother insist on upward, the same will also strengthen the brother hardness and strength.
All you need is a few dozen seconds to wait for her excited catering, and no matter how loud, if you master the skills, rest assured that the world will not scream women, the results or often scream to make you fear, you are at home first thought is parents or neighbors will not hear.
The next, the brother can be HAPPY, no longer the warped dry, change your usual best penetration method, as much as possible ** her! The boiling water will make your brother feel unusually excited, snapping, if your range is large enough, you will feel hot water splashing on your thighs and belly, that is your vigorous pumping brought out the lustful water, ten seconds later she will calm down, because the vagina is fully wet, you can do how to do it. But if you are a very good control of people, not yet ejaculated, and just a comparison, dry “dead” of course, not as good as the slutty dry, then you work hard half a day of fingers, will come in handy.
After a minute of her rest, accelerate the friction of her clitoris, provided that you always have stimulation of her clitoris, 30 seconds she will again let you worry about the window closed or not, this is the complete sex, so that her clitoris and vagina have reached orgasm, the same ten seconds she will rest again, and then a minute after the same method can continue to use. But I advise everyone, their own woman or lovingly used good, so repeated orgasms generally women’s bodies can not stand, too much the next day after the basic sister first be hit swollen, the brain overexcited will lose interest in sex, if you want to have sex every day, it is best to stop at all times, on two is enough to make you laugh at her voice are dumb.
The most I have ever done is to let her repeatedly orgasm 8 times, and finally she begged me to spare her, I worked hard for half a day and still did not shoot, and half a day to dry the dead to shoot, so you must master the time to shoot, together with the orgasm is the most important, long time to bring not always pleasure.
So I am now in the first dry enough before, and then flirt side rest for a period of time to use this method, and finally conquer her body and soul, if you have a little more personality, the secrecy of the work done again, every woman can become your mistress.

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