Love Story

Father’s love is like a mountain Father’s love is like a lamp

I was once told a long time ago that there is a hand whose roughness and warmth will last a lifetime. At that time, I didn’t quite understand what that meant. But now with the beginning of their “five”, but more and more understand the meaning of this sentence. The hands, is the hands of the father.

A few days ago, I went back home and suddenly realized that my father’s hair was all white, very white; the wrinkles on his face were getting deeper and deeper. The original mountain-like figure, but become increasingly frail. When the car arrived at the family dam, my father heard the sound of his cane and hurriedly came out of the house. I suddenly saw through the car window, the original incomparably thick but now very thin figure, so my heart suddenly trembled. The raindrops that kept falling from the sky on the windshield struck my heart hard.

I suddenly found that the years brought everything and quietly took everything away. As if a raindrop, from the distant vault of the sky, and instantly into the earth disappeared, and leave no trace. Rain is just a part of nature, but people are the spirits of the red earth, flesh and blood and soul. In this world, the one who understands the father must be the son; and the one who understands the son must also be the father. At this moment, even if the father has difficulty walking, but heard the sound of the car motor will rush outside the house mood, and my heart through the car window that tremble, is undoubtedly the best interpretation.

Most of my life, I have been running in the poor years. I have experienced a childhood of poor food and thin clothing, and I am experiencing the ups and downs of family and career. That’s why I understand more and more every day that the biggest test in life is not in the classroom, and the biggest examination room in life is not in school. Only those who really “graduate” from the trials and tribulations of life are truly wise and strong.

I remember when I was a child, my father worked early and dark, 365 days a year, year after year. But whenever the family sat together on New Year’s Eve to calculate the annual harvest, my father’s biggest feeling is that in addition to the family’s four children have grown up a year, all understand another round, other than the basic nothing to take the results. But in my memory, although the family is very poor, but the family sitting around the fire, sometimes talk, sometimes laughter, and even when suddenly quiet each other can clearly hear each other’s breathing, now I think, are really the luxury of family love. Isn’t it? Nowadays, my father keeps the old house all year round, and my children have already started their own families. All year round, the family time to get together, in addition to the Spring Festival, is only the father’s birthday ……

I can clearly remember, year after year, day after day, sunrise and sunset of the father, although very hard and tired, but he was happy. The reason is that every day when you return home, you can watch your children play and grow year after year. I, on the other hand, am naturally sentimental, so I pay special attention to my father’s calloused hands and his aging face year after year. This is the case with the years and years and years, but this year, the beauty is gone but the warmth is still there. If you take a moment to think about it, the world outside today is really wonderful, but the complexities of the world, and the pursuit of glory and wealth of thousands of beings, if you really want to PK up, a minute will be defeated by the memory of this simple happiness. At that time, I did not know what is growing up, what is aging, what is family and what is responsibility. But now I think back, that time under the shelter of my father, I want to cry, want to laugh, to meet the dance, not to get a big fight I, respectively, is the most pure I, the most simple I, the most of the luxury I. Now, where to look for and have been unable to find, that once innocent and happy!

From childhood to I left home to survive, I remember, although my father’s words are not much, but he always use his real action, education, from childhood to be kind and loving, modest and gentle, to know how to use their own modest efforts, to care for those in need; to remember all my life “do not take the good but do not do, do not take the evil but do it”, but also to remember all my life, home, is a person’s greatest reliance. Now after more than forty years, I have been growing up in my father’s old age, and countless scenes that are engraved in my heart are now as vivid as yesterday. It is said that father’s love is like a mountain, father’s love is like a lamp, but I think that father’s love is a ray of sunshine, so that my heart can feel warm as spring in the cold winter; father’s love is a clear spring, so that my emotions are pure as ever even if they are covered with the frustrations of the years; father’s love is a mountain peak, so that my body and mind can still be calm and firm even if they are subjected to countless destruction; father’s love is a sea, so that my soul can still be calm even if it is subjected to The father’s love is a sea that allows my soul to move forward calmly even if it suffers from all kinds of hardships ……

The best days in life may be when father and son can see each other from time to time. I hope the years will always be quiet, the son grows up, but the father does not grow old. The father and son will be warm all the way to old age! But after all, this is only a vision, father and I, one day will be parted. But I think, when that day comes, there is nothing to be afraid of, after all, if this affection is not enough in this life, then it can certainly be renewed in the next life.

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