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The biggest secret to keep your life as a couple as it used to be

Gender together, the quality of sex life between couples, directly affect each other’s feelings, at the same time, with the growth of marital life time, many couples with the passion between the fade, and the seven-year itch that makes people worry. This series of problems makes the couple’s relationship problem is imminent. So what are the tricks to solve these problems, so that couples can rekindle the passion of sexual life?

1, to strengthen the olfactory stimulation of the spouse

Both men and women are extremely sensitive to the response to olfactory stimulation, do not let the unpleasant smell defeat the “sex”, can be used for this trait, the appropriate spray not too strong but very warm and inviting perfume, can make the spouse for the soul, which is bound to benefit the emotional exchange between the two and close relations.

2, pay attention to self-image and physical appearance grooming

Many married couples for many years do not attach much importance to dress themselves to attract each other, before the shortcomings are not easy to be found will be presented without reservation, it is easy to lose the freshness and expectations of each other. This is a huge potential crisis in the life of a harmonious couple, long down the road will be tasteless. Therefore, after marriage, we should pay more attention to grooming, to moderate grooming, to show sometimes delicate and sometimes wild variety of style, in the “bed” dress can not be hasty.

3, the full range of body intimacy

Whether it is a bird snuggled in each other’s arms, or a bold embrace, are not missing a good way to tease, so that your spouse has the desire to conquer and possess you, so as to increase each other’s desire. Of course, body contact should include all parts of the body, such as the head, hands, legs, feet, etc., you may find in an unexpected place spouse’s “sexual” sensitive points and stimulate each other’s greater “sexual” passion.

In everyday life, many men are generally not afraid to eat. And now with the improvement of living standards, many people are trying to eat what to eat what. Especially for men, there is nothing to think about eating. But often it is because of the lack of attention to eating, making the satisfaction of the appetite at the same time, ignoring other aspects, resulting in disharmony in married life. Some serious and even inactive. That men should pay attention to what to eat?

Men want to be strong do not eat these foods

Top of the list: fatty meat.

Consequences: so that men do not lift.

Reason: red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, lunch meat) so that you can not just strong. Saturated fats and cholesterol make blood vessels narrow, including the blood vessels that carry blood to the sex parts, the penis is not enough blood supply during sex, it is difficult to orgasm! Measures: and want to eat a good strong and want to lift a strong, eat some oysters! 2-3 oysters can meet the body’s need for zinc throughout the day, and zinc is an important source of minerals to maintain the normal function of the male reproductive system.

The second place: high-fat milk.

Consequences: Vulnerability to prostate cancer.

Reason: Men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day through dairy products have a 32% higher risk of prostate cancer compared to those who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day! The high daily intake of calcium through dairy products can suppress the level of vitamin D in the blood. In addition to being an important nutrient, vitamin D is a hormone that prevents the proliferation of prostate cancer tumor cells, thus preventing prostate cancer.

Third place: refined flour.

Consequences: Makes men not lift.

Reason: White bread and candy taste good, but if you look at it from a nutritional point of view, it’s not the same thing. In the process of processing whole wheat into refined bread, three quarters of zinc is lost, which happens to be crucial for the development of libido and reproductive health. The highest reserves of zinc in the body are also in the prostate, and a diet high in zinc can help prevent prostate enlargement. Measure: Eat less refined food and more coarse food!

Fourth place: soybeans.

Consequences: affects male sexual characteristics reduce the number of sperm.

The reason: soy is a food containing estrogenic qualities, excessive intake will raise the body’s estrogen levels, thus affecting male sexual characteristics. Researchers believe that the chemical components contained in soy can “mimic” the function of the female hormone estradiol, which leads to a reduction in sperm count. Measures: pay attention to the amount of consumption can be, pay attention to the “excess”, as long as not a large daily intake, is not too much.

Fifth place: fried food.

Consequences: Reduce testosterone secretion.

Reason: the addition of hydrogen in vegetable oil, the oil can be converted into a solid, which contains fat that is trans fat. In terms of damage, trans fats than saturated fat ever. French fries and other fried foods and cookies contain trans fats. According to the FDA, trans fatty acids can increase the body’s “bad cholesterol” and increase the risk of heart disease. Also, trans fatty acids can reduce the production of male hormones, which can negatively affect sperm and interrupt the sperm response in the body.

As you can see, there is a need to be careful about what you eat. Not what you want to eat, there will be gains and losses. To be a healthy man, you also need a healthy scientific eating habits.

Maintain the couple’s relationship and rekindle the romantic sex life. All of these points are essential. Marriage needs to be managed, then in daily life should always pay attention. Use some methods to attract each other. So that the couple whether in life or sex have the passion as the first time. This will be better to construct a happy life.

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