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10 big pick-up tips! Boys will be!

1, the first man to understand the psychology of women, women are sensual animals, they are pursuing the feeling. Feel good about the man, feel that the man has something to do, a great future, feel that the man can give her happiness and security, feel that the man can rely on, feel that the man is funny and attractive, etc. Men should make more efforts in these areas, must give them a good feeling.

2, for women, tough and domineering men than weak, modest men more attractive, so, in and women get along, men should show debauchery, dare to do, easy and comfortable, handsome, which is more attractive. More on picking up girls tips

3, since most women are “men are not bad women do not love”, men should go along with their hearts and minds, to do a bad man it. Bad represents bravery, resourcefulness, persistence, perseverance, fearlessness, perseverance, strong will. The man who is serious about love is distressed, but not serious but happy, really strange.

4, honest, timid, clumsy, shy, not active, indecisive, it will lack the charm of men, such men see beautiful women will be shy, blushing, incoherent, silent, want to love and dare not confess. In fact, shy is a little hypocrisy, is a sign of weak will, women will find them dull, boring, dead brain, no fun, it is difficult to make her heart and accept.

5, give women pleasant and interesting feelings, so that she is assured, comfortable, happy, you can make women love like crazy, this is the man should have the skills and techniques.

6, by means of gifts, dating, caring greetings, warm help, etc., so that she touched and make her happy. May not find nothing, nothing to find some reason to send her a little gift, roses, ginseng chocolates, expensive things, women will think you care about her very much, love her very much, but also feel that you are generous, generous (men should be generous, do not be afraid to spend money, fishing also worm it, you fishing beauty how can be stingy to buy cheap things?) She also has the money to brag in front of her friends. And her date to watch a movie, buy good food and drink. Take her to the park to play, swing, ride the roller coaster. There is nothing to find the time to call her, asking for warmth, asking long questions, showing care, nervous about her. The man in the woman’s unexpected situation dial a phone tenderly said: “nothing special, just really want to hear your voice.” Will make her especially touched.

7, self-confidence, sanity, poise, temperament, is a man in the words and actions to show a charm. Psychologically superior, the words and actions have poise, which is exactly what women like.

8, men should learn to package, face to get a good look, will attract women’s eyes, head with a halo, beautiful women naturally like.

9, women have a strong sense of vanity, the so-called greed, so men have to show that they can make women brag about their capital. That happiness and a sense of superiority, she is happy to enjoy, which is an important reason why women can fall in love.

10, eloquence, an eloquent mouth, you can make a woman infatuation on, so sweet words essential. The so-called sweet words is what people like to hear, sounding comfortable words in the heart, to make women happy, to talk and laugh with her, she is in a good mood, will be happy to be with you, which requires you to say things to be humorous and funny. If you really can’t say, you can put some honey on your lips, so you can’t help but say “you are the most beautiful and pure girl.” “Your face is so beautiful, it is a prosperous image, you are the goddess of my heart.” “You are really beautiful when you smile.” “I won’t let anyone hurt you, including myself, believe me, I will give you happiness.” “You will always be the most graceful, special and attractive in my heart.” “No matter what happens in the future and what you become, you will still be the person I love the most.” “I will be good to you for the rest of my life.” “I always dream about you.” And so on sweet words too, but also off the cuff praise her skin white, nose straight, slim, good voice, write beautiful and good-looking (not good-looking also good-looking).

Special Addition

11, only by sincere, kind, cherish her, willing to pay and sacrifice for her heart, it is difficult to win a woman’s heart, a man’s true kindness may not win a woman’s love.

12, women love romance, floating unreal feelings. Need men to move a little thought, play some tricks, in words and actions to produce romantic mood, you can win the goodwill and interest of women, easier to get women’s favor.

13, men should be bold, brave, relaxed, hold the usual heart of no big deal, do not be nervous, do not be afraid, no restraint, do not be afraid of the wolf before and after the tiger, and afraid of the beauty does not agree. Do not think of a chasing a woman, she immediately agreed, even if she likes you, she will half push, men is to relentlessly pursue, do not give up easily. If you are afraid of failure, you will not win, men chasing women is the need to have confidence and courage, failure is not terrible, the terrible thing is not to make the attempt. To women with a game, play, play, looking for stimulation mentality, and women can be cheeky, do not take women seriously men, the more women, the easier to win the hearts of women.

14, to know how to love women, it is this “pain” to move them, so that they have a heart to heart feeling, feel loved happiness and warmth. Application of generosity, generosity, thoughtfulness, care, careful care and other actions and language to move women. Defiantly, by any means necessary, make every effort, effort and flowery words, before going to bed to be good to her in a hundred ways, after going to bed to be good to her, is really good. To show that you are a good man who treats her well and cherishes her, you must let her know that you cherish her, will not be sorry for her, so that women have the feeling of being cared for, being warm, being considerate, only then will win her favor and win the love of women obsessed. Careful and caring performance in knowing what she loves most? The most afraid of what? What do you like to eat most? She sent roses on her birthday, call her immediately when the earthquake, she is sad, sick, difficult, need help, and even dangerous, as soon as possible to appear at her side.

15, people often lose opportunities in the wandering, time is love, see the beauty should quickly stick, find ways to pursue her, care for her, to please her, to show a lot of love for her, to go around her, pay attention to her likes and dislikes, put yourself in her shoes and think about her feelings, her mood. In and beautiful women get along, through the expression, language, behavior (especially the eyes) to the woman pleasant feelings, so that she touched, happy, feel warm, happy and happy, women constantly receive to the pleasant feelings, to a certain height, the psychological will quietly, unconsciously fall in love with the man, slowly this man will be exclusive to her heart, in her mind, he will become the memory of her excitement The man will become a memory that excites her, making the man firmly rooted in her heart, interested in him and pining for him.

16, men do not argue with women about right and wrong, women angry, tease her and say, “I was wrong.” She is wrong, but also I am wrong.

17, good at giving women sexual pleasure and orgasm. Men have to think in a crooked way, to have the heart of color, have the courage, first pull the hand, then touch the arm, ear, to her said: “kiss me.” bold initiative to kiss her, and then just hold her tightly, so tight that you can not breathe. Do that love when you want to make some fresh patterns, even crazy exciting.

18, women will not love the poor, because in real life, money is the source of a happy life. In the minds of women, in terms of economic base, even life is a problem, and how can go to build a family? So the man can not be poor, and can not do nothing, can not make her feel the future is unpredictable, and even the future is uncertain. So those who pretend to be big bosses doing big business men, often get the love of women, and even get women’s money investment.

19, the man should be cool, will pretend to be deep. Looks cool, very attractive to women.

20, men are rich is young, rich is handsome, rich is talented, rich is capable.

21, fancy words is rich, the secret of picking up girls is: the guts to be big, the heart to be careful, cheeky extra thick, mouth will coax her.

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