Sexual Techniques

Techniques of breast touching – breast caressing method that gives women pleasure

We all know that the most significant difference between the bodies of men and women is the lower body and breasts. The relationship between the two is by no means unwarranted, as long as the male is concerned about the female body during puberty, and at the same time, the female breast starts to bulge. The female breasts are the result of the development of the mammary glands in preparation for the so-called lactation of women, and the pleasure of sexual intercourse is also one of the important purposes of breast augmentation. It can be said that the breasts are a weapon to provoke men, and in this sense they are a very important weapon for women.
The breasts are one of the most important sexual organs, but they do not seem to get the treatment they deserve during sexual intercourse, and many men, when confronted with a naked woman, are only concerned with caressing the lower part of the body, centering on the pubic nucleus, while neglecting the breasts. The background of this bias is, of course, the male misconception that breasts are mere organs of lactation, like the buttocks, a dull pile of fat to stimulation. However, from my professional anatomical point of view, and from the standpoint of continuous research in sexual science, the breast is one of the most important erogenous zones, just like the female genitalia (more on this in this article). In particular, the nipples, known as the upper nucleus, are a very sensitive part of the body, and simply caressing them can give a woman a taste of orgasm.
Caressing the breasts also has a psychologically stimulating effect on the woman. The real pleasure of sexual intercourse is not only physical, but also mental satisfaction. The careful caressing of the breasts can make women really feel like women, and thus gain the spiritual fulfillment of “being loved”. This is why breast caressing is an essential part of the sexual act. We have tried to enrich the contents of this book as much as possible in order to give women the pleasure of breast caressing and in response to the letters from readers. Also, we will explain the secrets of women that you may have missed.
If you know the structure of the breasts, such as “why they bulge,” you will be able to caress them more effectively, and you will also be able to give women more intense pleasure. For example, if a man thinks that a woman’s nether regions are the most sensual, he will stimulate her nether regions more strongly, regardless of whether her sensuality is high or not. This will not only not make the woman feel pleasure, but also bring pain. Although it is the most “sensitive part” of a woman’s sexuality, there are certain procedures that must be followed to achieve that level of sensuality.
Furthermore, the female erogenous zone is not just the nether regions. “A woman’s breasts are more sensual than her nether regions”. The nipples in particular are very sensitive, and some women even reach orgasm just by having their nipples caressed. In other words, instead of attacking the lower half of the body, a shortcut to greater pleasure for women is to caress the breasts subtly to enhance their sensuality. A normal caress is to rub the breasts, but it is not enough to grab the two bulges. The nipple should be gently held between the fingers and rubbed with the entire palm of the hand around the breast, preferably with a light caress at first. As mentioned above, a woman’s sensuality rises gradually, so if you give strong stimulation at the beginning, you will feel pain instead of pleasure. When the woman begins to look intoxicated and her mouth makes a sweet sigh, the hand rubbing the breasts should be strong or weak and rhythmic. For example, after rubbing the breast with the fingertips as if pulling it upward, gently rub it with the palm of your hand around the breast, or gently push the breast from the sides by squeezing the edge of the breast like a squeeze or by pressing the lid against the cleavage.
If there is only one pattern to any caress, the body will become accustomed to the stimulation and gradually lose the sensation. It is very important to attack the breasts carefully first to increase the sensuality of the woman, as it is said that the intensity of pleasure obtained from intercourse is unparalleled by any animal.
There is no doubt that human beings are able to get pleasure from sexual intercourse because their brains are extremely developed. In turn, the ability to get pleasure from intercourse depends on the action of the brain. It is because of this that women do not feel pleasure when they just caress their breasts and do not concentrate on the piston movement and do not have sincere sex. Therefore, understanding the structure of the brain is the basis for enjoying a full sexual act. Until now, the structure of the brain is not fully understood, and there are still many parts of the relationship between sexual intercourse and the brain that are still very mysterious. However, it is known that women can have strong orgasms because of the secretion of substances called “pleasure substances” in the brain. There are many types of pleasure substances. The structure of secretion and the route of transmission are complicated, so here is just one example for a brief explanation. When a sensual zone such as the nipple is caressed, the sensory nerve ends of each cell, which are densely packed like a fishnet, receive stimulation from the fingers or tongue. The information received travels through the nerve pathways to the so-called “brain stem”. Here there are groups of nerve cells called “nuclei”, of which the nucleus called A10 secretes the neurological substance dopamine.   Dopamine triggers euphoria and arousal and is similar in structure to the anesthetic Philopon. The nerve fibers that extend from A10 carry dopamine to the tonsillar nucleus of the limbic tract and to the medial lateral cranial lobe and neocortex of the brain, producing an explosion of pleasure. Of course, the source of sexual pleasure is not exclusively dopamine. The neurotransmitters called noradrenaline, which help humans to perform animal sexual activity, and the oxytoncin hormone, which causes contractions in the uterus, also play a large role. For example, caressing the nipples or nubs stimulates the brain to produce pleasure and sends the pleasure response to the uterus, but touching the nipples or nubs does not mechanically secrete pleasure substances in the brain. If this were the case, any woman who is raped by a mob should experience intense pleasure. The only time a woman can get intense pleasure during sexual intercourse is when she is in a passionate, fully reassured environment. This is the real meaning of pleasure arising from the action of the brain.

In the book of medicine, “The Book of the Heart”, which was written for Chinese princes and nobles, there is a chapter called “The Room”, which is a guide to sexual intercourse. It says, “When the breasts are hard and the head is sweating, then penetrate”. According to the book, there are five stages of sexual arousal and orgasm for women: the first stage is when “the woman’s face is flushed,” the second stage is when “the breasts are hard and the nose sweats,” and the next stage is when “the throat is dry and thirsty and she swallows saliva. Swallowing saliva”. “The last stage is the “flow of love juices to the woman’s strands”, and these are called the “five signs”. In the second stage, penis insertion is advocated. The book says that in the first stage, the glans is placed against the cavity, and after insertion, the penis is moved slowly in the third stage, deeply inserted in the fourth stage, and slowly withdrawn in the last stage. In short, it is necessary to insert at the best time with the high sexual excitement and with the various responses of the woman, and then make thrusting movements, which is indeed the correct method. The book says that penetration occurs when the breasts are hard and the nose is sweaty, but in actual intercourse, it is often the case that the desire to ejaculate is resisted and the pistoning motion is performed, and it is very difficult to achieve such a response. This means that men generally penetrate too early, so they ejaculate before the third and fourth stage of response.    Therefore, in order for the woman to be fully satisfied, the penis should be inserted later, so that the woman can’t wait before penetration. The man should do sufficient foreplay and wait for the woman to beg before inserting the penis. The centerpiece of foreplay is the pubic area and breasts, and it is important to remember that the nipple and the nub are equally important erogenous points. It is surprising that most men only know that the nub is an important erogenous zone, but they do not know that the nipples are just as sensitive and important as the nub. To stimulate the breasts to the point where they are thought to be redundant, the woman becomes uncomfortable. Inserting the penis from the moment you caress the breasts to the moment you reach the top is sure to satisfy the woman. The breast is a pile of fat, so it is not very sensual as a sensual zone, especially when it is said that the larger the breast is, the less sensual it is, but it is just a rumor. From an anatomical standpoint, it can be proven that the breast is as important as the pubic area. The mammary glands are indeed surrounded by fat and smooth muscles, and the muscles are not only smooth muscles, but also skeletal muscles and cardiac muscles. The smooth muscles are mainly related to the movement of the internal organs and are rarely found under the skin. However, there are smooth muscles under the skin of the labia majora or penis that should be in the internal organs, which are called sex muscles. There are also many smooth muscles in the breasts that are used for sexual purposes, so it is impossible to not feel them when they are caressed. The nipples, which are located in the center of the breasts, can be said to be as strong a sexual sensation receptacle as the nucleus. The nipple is the opening of the ducts from the mammary glands, where there is an erectile muscle, a sebaceous gland that keeps it soft to prevent it from splitting, and many sensory receptors and terminal nerves. From the areola of the nipple, many of the same sensory receptors and terminal nerves are known to be located in the vulva of the female genitalia. In particular, the receptors of the pachytene tubercles, which are considered to be important, surround the elastic epithelial cells of the nerve fiber endings like onion skin. In females, there are also many in the vulva and nucleus, as well as in the nipples. Since they respond to stimulation with a high number of vibrations, females are excited when they are stimulated here.
Thus, anatomically, it can be said that the breasts and the nether regions are equal erogenous zones, and the breasts are the organs of lactation, which seems to be related to the ease of sensuality. It is said that women feel pleasure when breastfeeding, and if breastfeeding causes unpleasant sensations, they will not be able to make their offspring prosper. The fact that about 70% of pregnant women experience “breast leakage” when they become sexually aroused is also evidence of the similarity between the breasts and the pubic area.
Women’s breasts are, of course, augmented, but we will discuss why they are augmented later. Because of the augmentation, women’s breasts are easily stimulated, for example, by pressure or friction. Breasts are normally stimulated in many ways, and one of the ways to enhance a woman’s sensuality is to take advantage of this stimulating feature. When hugging her breasts close to each other, it is possible to squash them. This way, her sensuality will start to climb upwards as she is stimulated by the romantic kiss and her breasts. At this point, if you can’t wait to undress, you will never become a “dependable man” who can give women a lot of pleasure. Before taking off your clothes, you should caress your breasts enough to make the woman feel like “take off my clothes faster”. At this point, the woman’s heart is full of anticipation, so when it comes time to undress, she will help the man take off his clothes, and there will be no awkwardness. After kissing, you should caress your breasts from your clothes, press your palms on your nipples, rub them while pressing them, or slide your fingertips along the edges of your breasts, etc. You should attack your breasts thoroughly before taking off your clothes. Sometimes a firm grip expresses the male’s admiration, and the woman feels a strong sense of anticipation for the intercourse that will take place. When the woman reaches around the man’s body and grabs his hair or back, she can slowly unhook the bra. When the hooks are unhooked and the breasts are rubbed directly, the woman can’t help but make sweet sounds. There are very few animals in nature, including human women, with elevated breasts. It is a great evolutionary mystery why women have high breasts. It is not because the breasts are large that they produce more breast milk (more on the structure of the breasts later), but 90% of them are made of fatty tissue, and the mammary glands are only the remaining 10%. The mammary gland is the organ that receives raw materials through the blood of the blood vessels and thus synthesizes them. If the breast is only for lactation, it is sufficient to have a mammary gland, and it is not necessary to have 90% of the breast. Therefore, apes and dogs have prominent nipples, but no bulging breasts. The most famous of the doctrines answering this question is that of the British animal activist Dejen Mendelssohn. Morris. The ancestors of humans before they walked on two feet would have raised their buttocks in heat to signal the male to copulate, just as chimpanzees now do with their buttocks. However, when they were able to stand on their feet and started to have face-to-face sex, they needed something to replace the buttocks, so the breasts replaced the buttocks as a “weapon” to tease the males, which was Mori’s new idea. This is why they are called “weapons”, because the larger and more eye-catching the breasts are, the better the chances of being favored by the male. So a kind of sexual elimination takes place and the breasts become more and more developed.   According to recent studies, fat, which makes up 90% of the breast, has a different metabolic system than other body fat. This situation is an indirect proof of Morris’s claim that breasts are used to provoke male sexual desire. I basically believe that Morris is correct in his claim, but to say that the breasts are used for titillation would be too simple a role.  It should also not be forgotten that humans who walk on two feet make their breasts larger for the convenience of lactation. A firm breast with a flat chest and only the nipple protruding is less likely to be suckled by the infant than a breast that is raised, and the lids are more securely resting on the soft breast. Of course, the task of provoking men is very important. Beauty is created by curves. A woman’s desire to attract men’s sexuality requires a beautiful shape, so the breast becomes a voluptuous figure made of curves.

When a woman is placed on her back in a normal position, her breasts become flat even if she is quite full-breasted. In other words, the nipples are placed directly on the pectoral muscles or ribs. At this point, the man gets down on his upper body so that his chest and breasts fit together, giving a strong sense of pressure on the nipples. Because the fat layer of the breast does not play the role of a cushion, the pectoral muscle or the rib cage has the role of a floor. At the same time, when the breasts are close together, the woman will feel the spiritual fullness of “being loved”, which will multiply the pleasure. Caressing the breasts with the palms of your hands on a woman lying on her back is also the most effective technique to give her great excitement. For women with thin breasts, the nipples are placed on the rib cage, so the stimulation may be too strong, but it will give the woman the pleasure of being abused. Men and women can see sweating on their breasts as they approach orgasm. According to one theory, women see red spots during orgasm, but women with darker skin can be difficult to identify. Therefore, it is easier to tell whether or not a woman is close to orgasm by looking at her breasts to see whether or not she is sweating. When you see sweat on a woman’s breasts, you can rub your breasts together, so to speak, and use your chest instead of your palms to caress your breasts like a rocking motion. At this point, the nipples are strongly stimulated, and with the pleasure from the piston movement, the woman will definitely run straight to orgasm. Of course, humans are not the only ones with breasts. Humans often use their breasts or nipples for other purposes, so they unconsciously forget about them, but they are originally organs used for lactation, so all mammals have breasts. When a mammal is in the womb, there are two lines that cross in an X-shape from the chest to the navel and the inner thighs to form the mammary glands. In human fetuses, the mammary gland appears in the sixth week after conception, and the nipple is a lump left behind by the rupture of the mammary gland. When and where it remains varies from seed to seed. Conversely, even the number and location of the nipples distinguish between seeds.
There are four models for the location of the teats. In cattle and deer, as well as in horses and sheep, they are located in the lower abdomen near the root of the thigh. (Cows and deer have four teats, horses and sheep have two teats. Rats and guinea pigs have nipples in two parts: thorax and abdomen, and at the base of the thighs. Dogs, cats, and pigs have teats on the thorax, abdomen, and near the base of the thighs. Because they are prolific, the number of teats is also high. In pigs, there are six to nine pairs of nipples, or 12 to 18 nipples. (Like humans, only monkeys, bats, elephants, etc. have two nipples on their chests). Besides, why are the nipples on the chest in humans? In pigs, the udders are arranged from the chest to the base of the thighs because they are able to lactate many piglets at once by lying on their sides. Similarly, the human breast is on the chest to facilitate lactation, which is a more natural view. It is easier to lactate a baby in the arms, so the nipple is on the breast. Oedipal men are said to have a strong desire for large breasts, perhaps because they can experience the security or comfort of a young child again by getting a hug from a woman and resting their face on a large breast.   The belief that breasts or nipples are lactating organs is stronger in the East. This is evidenced by the fact that Western women cover their breasts and Eastern women cover their pubic area in the moment when they are seen naked by men. Indeed, Eastern women do not care to show their breasts in front of others to breastfeed their babies.    However, in recent years, not only their habits but also their thinking have become westernized, and women in the East have come to believe that breasts and sex are closely related. In other words, there is an overwhelming majority of women who believe that breasts increase sexual pleasure. The normal position of a man on a woman is said to be called the “priestly position” (or “missionary position”). This name was given by the Polynesians. The name was given by the Polynesians because they saw priests coming to the missionary world having sex in different positions. This means that the Polynesian men originally did not have the male on top position. But this does not mean that Polynesia is an unexplored and barbaric land. In Europe, from the ancient times of Adam and Eve, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance until recently, the female on top was the general position during sexual intercourse. The idea that a woman on top was lewd did not become popular until the Victorian era in the 19th century.    In ancient times, in Peru or India, as well as in China and Japan, it is documented that the male on top position was never used in ancient times. It is true that both men and women want to get a lot of pleasure, and of course the female on top position is the most advantageous, because the weight of the woman presses down, which puts a strong pressure on the union and allows the penis to penetrate more deeply. What’s more, the male’s hands are free to move around and caress the whole body, especially the breasts.
The woman faces forward, or to the side, as well as to the rear, etc. There are various variations in the position of the woman on top. Due to the different directions, the sensation of caressing the breasts also changes. As a result, the sensation of pleasure varies greatly, so it is worth trying it out. If the woman is tired of wiggling her buttocks, she may want to have the man stroke from the bottom to the top. If the woman’s breasts are sagging in the upward position, you can surround them with your hands and rub them in a circular motion or push them upward, while rocking them up and down, which will give the woman considerable pleasure.
The woman’s back is turned to the man, and when she is lying on her back with her penis still inserted, the man can use both hands to caress her breasts, or use his left hand to caress her breasts while his right hand goes to her nether regions to stimulate her nether regions, and so on, to fully enjoy the pleasure of caressing. It is said that the director of the third-rate film Muramaki, who is famous for his sexuality, likes to have women face backwards and then lick his toes or knees. It is not a one-sided licking by the man, but a mutual licking relationship, which can be more exciting psychologically. The thought of licking the toes of the man you love makes a woman’s sexual desire even hotter. Recently, the idea that the woman on top position is abnormal is becoming less and less popular. Although this is just a retro thing, it should be a welcome thing in terms of men and women being able to enjoy sexual intercourse on an equal footing. Ninety percent of the breast is fat, while the remaining ten percent is made up of the mammary glands, connective tissue, and sexual muscle (smooth muscle). The mammary gland is an organ that produces milk from capillaries, and is centered on the nipple and spreads throughout the breast in a radial pattern, making it feel like a hard lump when touched. The breasts of thinner young women are referred to as green apples because of the hardness of the mammary glands. During pregnancy and lactation, the cells of the mammary glands multiply due to the effects of pituitary hormones, making the entire breast larger. When you are not pregnant, the average breast weighs about 200 grams, but at the end of pregnancy it is 400 to 600 grams, and during lactation it reaches 600 to 800 grams. The structure of the mammary gland is like a plant leaf that branches out from a branch. The 15-20 lobes of the mammary gland are the largest unit, and each mammary gland is divided into many smaller lobes, which in turn are divided into the smallest unit, the glandular atrium. The milk made by the glands is concentrated in the nipple by the milk ducts during lactation. The lobes and lobules of the breast are connected by connective tissue, which acts as a vascular or nerve pathway and also serves as a shock absorber to protect the breast. The subcutaneous fat between the breast gland and the skin of the breast also has the task of protecting the breast gland, and the expansion, roundness and softness of the breast are determined by the amount of subcutaneous fat. If there is a lot of subcutaneous fat, the breast will be round and elastic.      The sexual muscles are mostly located around the nipple, but are present throughout the breast. The sexual muscles contract and the auxiliary veins stasis blood in the local area, resulting in an erection of the nipple, and this pressure sensation is transmitted to the brain through the nerves and becomes pleasure. The sexual muscles also play a secondary role in the secretion of milk. When lifting the woman’s upper body in the woman-on-top position, it is important to use the weight of the partner to caress the breasts. In the woman-on-top position, the woman gives her weight to the man, so by placing your thumbs on the breasts, you can press the nipples against the chest plate with the force of the woman’s weight. As the thumb presses the nipple to the breast plate, the nipple is not only pressed and stimulated from the outside of the body, but also from the inside, and the nipple is strongly stimulated by the concave and convexity of the large pectoral muscle. By not only pressing, but also by rotating or shaking the thumb to the left and right, the nipples are stimulated by the concavity of the pectoralis major muscle in a more complex way, and the female group experiences intense pleasure. The remaining four fingers, of course, must not be idle and must rub the breasts adequately. The advantages of this caressing technique, as explained in the previous paragraph, are that it takes advantage of the woman’s weight. When this technique is used in a normal position, the thumbs may unconsciously exert excessive force, causing unnecessary pain in the nipples. If the man is lying on his back and the woman is in the upper position where she can reach her breasts, she does not need to use her own hands to support her weight, so it is not too hard. For this reason, it is best to hold the woman at an angle of about forty-five degrees from the man. This angle does not put all of the woman’s weight on the man’s hands, and the nipples can be moderately stimulated. Another advantage of the 45 degree angle is that it allows you to touch the woman’s entire body with your hands, making it easier to explore the erogenous zones beyond the breasts. From the back to the buttock cleavage, from the abdomen to the union, or from the inner thighs to the calves, you can caress the whole body to find out where the erogenous zones are. If you can find an area that makes the woman twitch, make a thorough caress there. When the woman is in the top position and is heading straight for ejaculation, use both hands to strongly caress the entire breast, centering on the nipple. The breasts will produce a strong pleasure that cannot be denied, and with the sensual feeling of rubbing the breasts, the whole body will be filled with an overwhelming pleasure, and the woman will not be able to resist making a big sound. At this time, it is necessary to penetrate the cavity of the abdomen and stroke the penis from the bottom upwards. In this way, the slightest oscillation of the penis will also have a sense of overwhelming arousal. If the penis is inserted deeply and violently, the woman will definitely feel a faint orgasm.

The shape of the breast can be classified as disc-shaped. Hemispherical type. Figure vertebrae type. Four kinds of drooping type. The round body type is like an inverted disk, and is more common in women with sagging internal organs and obese lower body. The radius of the breast is equal to the height of the hemisphere type, generally considered to be the most beautiful breast. Oriental women have more disc and hemisphere shaped breasts. The round vertebral shape, where the height is longer than the radius and the nipple protrudes from the top, is more common in black women. The pendulous shape is easily formed in old age, when the pectoral muscles are weakened, or when women with large breasts suddenly lose weight. Young women who do not use bras or use bras of the wrong size are also prone to sagging. There are personal preferences regarding the beauty of breasts, but it is generally believed that beautiful breasts are hemispherical and elastic, with pink nipples that are not sunken. The ideal value for breasts is a diameter equal to the height times 0.05-5, with the difference between the highest point and the bottom being seven to ten centimeters. The nipples and nipples are spaced at the midpoint of the two clavicles, which is the upper end of the sternum and the triangle formed by the two nipples is a positive triangle.
Even if a man asks for a back position, many women may not readily respond due to shame or wariness, or because the back position is reminiscent of animal copulation, which is a major reason for refusal. Humans know that there are other positions besides the back position after walking on two feet. In the hominid era, shortly after the divergence of monkeys, sex was performed with the male on top of the female, who was curled up on the ground, just like any other animal. However, after being able to stand and walk, and when they could use their hands freely, they could first embrace each other, and at the same time, they could embrace each other face to face, and they could show their love with their eyes or seduce each other with their lips, and they could kiss or caress their breasts smoothly. The normal position has a high degree of body contact and is a position where you can see each other’s faces and expressions change. For women, it is a position where they can really feel embraced and can concentrate on the affectionate gaze of the man they love. In other words, it is also the position where you can feel safe, and it is natural that women prefer the normal position to the back position. So when you use the normal position, you should always say sweet things and caress your breasts, so that the woman’s mind will feel like “I’m giving my body to him” and “he loves me a lot”, so she will be more engaged in the act of intercourse. At this point, it is important to pause the piston movement, because the effect of breast caressing is reduced by the strong stimulation of the piston movement on one side. Temporarily stopping the intense physical activity allows the woman’s body to rest in order to store energy for orgasm. The woman can be comforted psychologically by slowly caressing her breasts while her body stops moving and by saying gentle words. In this case, instead of rubbing the breasts, it is good to place the palm of the hand between the cleavage and not move. This is an exchange of the body heat of your palm with the body heat of the woman. Pressing the hand between the cleavage will stimulate the woman’s instincts and will definitely deepen her love for the man.
In humans, there are two nipples and occasionally more than three nipples in women, but they are not considered aberrations. The mammary glands are separated during the mother’s fetal life and grow into nipples. Usually only two are separated, but occasionally more than three.   If the number of piglets born exceeds the number of teats, a few weaker piglets will be pushed away from the milk by other piglets and will not be able to grow. This is the nature’s regimen that only the strongest can survive, and the breed is preserved for this situation. If nipples were the number of children to be born, then human children would be twins, but they are not. Then, why do humans who give birth to one child at a time need two breasts? One of the reasons is that it is difficult to suckle a child with only one nipple in the center of the breast when the child is being breastfed with both arms. However, this is not the realistic reason. I believe that humans have two nipples in order to create a symmetrical beauty. The human body has always been symmetrical, and the external body structure is all symmetrical from left to right. If we think that the internal organs are not symmetrical, we can only think that it is for the beauty of symmetry. Of course, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the pubic area have only one breast in the center, which is still symmetrical, but I can’t imagine that. On the other hand, if a woman with only one breast in the center of her body is considered ugly, it is because she is used to seeing two breasts, and when she had only one breast, she felt beautiful, so this argument is valid. However, I still believe that the beauty of the Venus of Milo is due to the two well-proportioned breasts, and I would like to believe that God’s aesthetics created women with two breasts as works of art.
In ancient times, when virtue was the virtue of virtue, oriental women were not allowed to show their lustfulness with pleasure even when they reached orgasm. Only clenching their teeth to endure the orgasm. Perhaps it is because of the sound of this situation, or because of heredity, that many young women in modern times, who are already very open to sex, are still embarrassed by the pleasure of having an orgasm. On the contrary, there are also women who have not yet reached orgasm, but who “act” by making delicate noises or showing intoxicated expressions, of course to please men. But in this way, the sexual response is actually clear. It is clear from this that when a woman reaches orgasm, the pleasure spreads throughout her body with sensuality at the center, so when she is approaching orgasm, she should stop fondling her breasts and concentrate on piston movements and moving her body vigorously. However, it does not mean that the breasts will not be stimulated, as the intense movements of the piston movement will cause both breasts to swing forward and back. The sensation of the breasts swaying violently makes the woman more excited. The pleasure that comes from the union spreads throughout the body, and the whole body is surrounded by the pleasure of orgasm.
It has been believed since ancient times that women with dark nipples are also dark underneath, and there is nothing wrong with that. The labia majora are not mucous membranes, but are covered with skin, and usually women have pubic hair on them, so men can’t easily notice them, but it’s safe to say that the pigmentation will definitely settle. The pigmentation of the labia majora is mostly consistent with the extent of pubic hair growth, regardless of virginity or non-virginity. In women with childbearing experience, pigmentation is not limited to the part of the labia that has pubic hair, and the degree of pigmentation can be altered. The reasons why the pigmentation of the labia majora is related to the color of the nipples and the volume of the nipples, and the reasons for the discoloration are still unknown. In the case of the nipple color alone, the darker color may be due to the ease of recognition by the infant. Only the tip of the breast is different in color and the infant quickly finds where the milk is. When a woman becomes pregnant after fertilization, her breasts become larger as the fetus grows and promotes the development of the mammary glands. At the same time, the nipples become larger for the baby to suckle, and the nipples or the volume of the milk can also cause pigmentation changes. The nipples do not darken due to pregnancy or childbirth, but the relationship with the pigmentation of the labia majora is still very clear. It is certain that it is not unrelated, but it is not certain that conception causes the labia majora to darken. The darkening of the nipples and labia majora with age is due to the intense melanin deposition with age. The common saying that “women who are experienced in sexual intercourse have dark nipples, labia majora, and labia minora” is actually wrong. Regarding the labia minora, Mitsushi Kasai, an associate professor at Shiga University, who is famous for his female genitalia, investigated the data of 3,200 female genitalia. Even Associate Professor Kasai said that sexual experience has nothing to do with pigmentation. Although there is no survey on nipples, it seems that it cannot be said for sure that the color will be darker if there is more sexual intercourse.   What determines the original color of the nipples or labia majora and labia minora is a genetic factor. In the male genitalia, the pubic clock has pigmentation, which is also genetic. Pigmentation is also sometimes seen in the penis of newborn boys. The darkening of the nipples of young women who have not experienced pregnancy or childbirth is innate and it would be rude to assume that she has “played with them”. After menopause, a woman’s nipples and breast volume rapidly lose their color because of hormonal changes.
There are several ways to determine a woman’s state of arousal besides looking closely at her sexual organs. For example, if a woman’s chest or cleavage is slightly sweaty, she can be considered to be close to orgasm. However, sweat on the back is not a sign of approaching orgasm. Most of the sweating is due to vigorous physical activity, and this is something to be aware of. Actions or reactions such as frowning, nostrils swelling, opening the mouth, making noises, bending the body into an arch, and moving the buttocks with force to actively press the body against the man are also signs of approaching orgasm. When you know from these signals that your partner is about to give out, roughly grabbing your breasts is also a way to do so. When caressing breasts, it is important to be gentle in principle to avoid causing pain to the woman. However, if you are always gentle, the woman will not be satisfied. Therefore, there are times when rough caresses are necessary. It is not always gentle and gentle sex, but sometimes it is necessary to try rough sex like a wild animal, so that the woman is surprised when the usually gentle man grabs her breasts hard and feels a more animalistic and very intense sensation. Sometimes it is necessary to act roughly, but excessive force will only make the woman feel pain. Therefore, it should only be done to the extent that it leaves a slight finger mark on the breast. For smaller breasts it is most effective to rub the nipples rhythmically with the fingertips. From this intense finger technique, the woman will feel the strength or thickness of the man and will feel aroused by the intense stimulation and will immediately run to orgasm. Biting the earlobe or roughly sucking the nipple at this time also fosters a wild atmosphere and can promote sensuality in women. With this intense caressing and pistoning of the breasts, the most important thing for a woman to do when she reaches orgasm is to shift the position of the caress. Once the peak has been reached, continuing the assault in the same position is not going to be more sensual. At this point, it is necessary to stimulate the buttock grooves or the erogenous zones of the flanks and back, so that the woman is more strongly aroused. As a result, the woman will have a deeper and more passionate orgasm.
It is generally believed that boobies have poorly sensual breasts, while washboard women have excellent sensuality. Half of this is true, but half is wrong. The content of a woman’s breasts is almost entirely fat, so it can be said that large breasts are breasts stuffed with fat. The problem is the fat. When caressing or rubbing, the perceptual nerves of the breasts feel the pressure and transmit this information to the brain, but because of the thick layer of fat, the perceptual nerves do not reach the end of the skin. This is because the fat layer interferes with the sensation of caressing stimulation. Therefore, from the tactile point of view only, the sexuality of large breasts is indeed very low, so it is not entirely incorrect to say that “women with large breasts are not sexy”. However, it is still doubtful to assume that women with washboard have good sexiness. A washboard indicates a non-obese body type, not only a thin layer of fat, but also a low level of maturity. In other words, the degree of completion of the breast is low. Women with such low maturity breasts are considered to be less sexually mature and have less sensation when they touch and caress their breasts. Therefore, it is not necessary to have good sensuality with washboard breasts. The ideal situation is when you have a thin body with well-developed breasts. A woman with this body type not only has mature development, but also has a thin layer of fat all over her body, so that the terminal nerves are not disturbed and she has a good sensuality that can fully convey the sensation of caressing. The most sensual women are the ones who have the most protruding areas and the most concave areas.

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