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The real “sperm killer” is not these, but them!

Having a sufficient number of healthy sperm is one of the conditions to assess normal male fertility, however, every little bit of daily life may affect the production of normal sperm. Therefore, for the sake of the health of the next generation, it is necessary for men to avoid these unfavorable factors.


1. Drugs


Many drugs can affect the sperm production function of the testicles. The main ones are: drugs for hypertension, hormonal drugs, sedatives and anesthetics, large amounts of aspirin, etc. Therefore, you should choose your drugs reasonably and try to avoid using drugs that are harmful to reproductive function.


2、Environmental factors


In addition to water quality, air, food pollution on reproductive function, there are electric, magnetic, radiation pollution, including radio frequency radiation. Try to do a good job of protection.


3、Tight pants


Tight pants put a lot of pressure on the testicles, which can impede the blood return to the scrotal area, leading to testicular stasis, making the local temperature rise or metabolites accumulate, affecting sperm production. So, to prevent and control infertility, you should change your tight pants, including nylon tight underwear, and wear loose, breathable pants instead.

4, hot bath


The best temperature for sperm formation is 33~36℃, which is 1-2℃ lower than the human body temperature. If the temperature is too high in the hot water frequent sitz bath, it is detrimental to the sperm function of the testicles. Some studies have shown that men who take a hot bath for one hour can damage their fertility for up to six weeks.


The report points out that the 39 ℃ hot water bath for 1 hour of men sampling test, its sperm vitality reduced, the amount of sperm decreased, 4 weeks later, the sperm began to gradually recover, 6 to 7 weeks before the level of hot bath, therefore, the hot bath water temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long, especially to avoid frequent hot bath.




Due to improper diet or metabolic disorders caused by nutritional disorders, such as weight loss, vitamin A, B, C and E deficiency, or excessive obesity, may interfere with the spermatogenic function of the testes, the use of crude cottonseed oil by the study confirmed that the testes can be impaired spermatogenic function, good nutrition is the material basis for the production of healthy sperm, should eat more milk, eggs, meat, soy products, fish and shrimp, vegetables, fruits and other foods to enhance protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and other substances. Clinically, male infertility is instructed to eat some loach, eel, dog meat, mutton, etc. appropriately to help improve the efficacy.

6, tobacco and alcohol


Excessive tobacco and alcohol not only affect sexual function, testicular function can also cause damage, tobacco nicotine has a lowering of sex hormones and sperm-killing effect; alcohol will make the blood testosterone levels lower, and can make sperm stunting and reduced mobility. Therefore, men who are addicted to alcohol and tobacco, to restore fertility and healthy next generation, must quit smoking and alcohol.


7, too frequent or sparse intercourse

If the eagerness to seek children, intercourse is too frequent (1-2 days once or once a day), resulting in each discharge of semen in the amount of sperm poor quality, and difficult to make the wife conceive. Or because of long-term infertility, lose interest in sex, once a month difficult to have intercourse; or too much original intercourse, heard that sex is too frequent, and then choose female ovulation 1-2 times, this will also lead to sperm storage for too long, “aging” and decreased vitality, but also often sterile.

It is generally recommended to choose to have intercourse 1-2 days before or on the day of your wife’s ovulation, and not to ejaculate for 3-7 days before that, so that the sperm can be stored and not “aging”. In addition, the interruption of sexual intercourse, masturbation too often, will lead to the abnormal rush of blood to the sexual organs, sperm production or semen formation is not conducive.

8, cycling, horseback riding improper or sedentary, long time driving

The reason is that the bicycle seat is just below the perineum of the human body, so that the prostate, scrotum and other organs are compressed, over time, will affect the prostate and semen secretion: in addition, too long to ride (open) the bumps and shocks of the car, will also directly damage the spermatogenic function of the testes.

Therefore, cycling should not be too long, the same reason horseback riding, sedentary, also caused by the urethra, scrotum and other parts of the congestion and affect the testes, epididymis, prostate and seminal vesicle function.

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