Love Story

For the rest of your life, choose to be with the right person

Life is an unknown journey, no one can predict what will come next.

However, we always have the right to pursue happiness and joy. For the rest of your life, choose to be with the right people.

Choose to be with people who have positive energy.

Positive people are light sources themselves. They are optimistic, positive and upbeat, and will infect people around them with their enthusiasm and beliefs.

When you are with a positive person, even if it is a cloudy day, your heart will feel bright.

His words are always just right, so that people in the “mountains and waters are doubtful”, to find the “dark flowers and a village” ahead, see the hope of life.

With positive people, there will be a sense of relief, open-mindedness. Always feel excited, not yet finished, hate to see each other.

And optimistic and open-minded people together, even if suffering from storms, you can “a rain and rain any life”, with a light heart, laughing at life floating.

With people who are strict with themselves, even if they are in the mud, you will be “out of the mud and not dyed”, not with the world in the same stream.

With people who have high aspirations, even in difficult situations, you can also get the courage to face the suffering, and will eventually “hang the clouds to the sea”.

Negative people are always complaining.

Stay away from negative energy people, and positive energy people together, let life more sunshine, more vitality.

Choose to be with people who make you laugh.

Someone said, “A lifetime is a long time to find a funny person to be with.”

That funny person will make our lives sweeter and more fun.

You have a problem, that person will help you; you have a mistake, that person will tolerate you; you cry, that person will relieve you; you smile, that person will be very relieved.

He will not be tit-for-tat with you, will not be calculating with you. You lose your temper, he will humor defuse, instantly make you break into tears.

People who like to make you laugh must be the people who care most about you. Only people who care about you will always take into account your emotions and care whether you are happy or not.

Choose and make you laugh with people, you will feel the colorful life, will feel the brightness and happiness of life.

Choose to be with someone who always encourages you.

On the way forward, there will inevitably be potholes; on the way to follow your dreams, there are inevitably storms.

Choose to be with someone who always encourages you, even if the dark clouds cover the sun, you will see the light and hope.

Everyone has times when they can’t think, when their thoughts turn into a dead end, and this time, the encouragement and guidance of friends is especially important.

People who like to encourage you are the fire you need to cook your tea, the street light you need to return at night, and the white sail you need to drift away.

Choose to be with people who always encourage you, you will have the confidence of “I was born to be useful”, you will have the relief of “there will be a road before the mountain”, and you will also have the “wind and waves will be sometimes”. The “wind will break the waves”.

Many times, we are troubled, confused and despondent just because we have not met the right person.

It is important to be the best you can be, but it is even more important to choose to be with the right person.

The person who always makes you laugh, gives you care, gives you encouragement, gives you confidence, is the person who adds sugar to your life, and is the person you can choose to go with in your life.

Choose to be with the right person, so that we can find plain happiness in the trivial; find warm comfort in the dark night when the cold rain knocks on the window.

For the rest of your life, may you have the company of your soulmate and walk with happiness.

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