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Can you get the cervical cancer vaccine at an older age when you are sexually active

For the cervical cancer vaccine, there are three types available, such as the bivalent vaccine, the quadrivalent vaccine and the nine-valent vaccine. The amount of price represents the type of cervical cancer virus that the vaccine can prevent. In terms of drug action, the bivalent cervical cancer vaccine is generally more available and is targeted at women aged nine to twenty-five years old, preferably without a history of sexual intercourse. Therefore, women who are twenty-eight years old and have had sex can receive the cervical cancer vaccine, but not the bivalent vaccine, but the quadrivalent vaccine.

So why is there a strict age limit for the bivalent cervical cancer vaccine? Because the domestic clinical trial is for women aged nine to twenty-five years old, so it is better not to inject it if you are over twenty-six years old because it is not effective. What about women who are over 26 years old, such as 28 years old? It is best to get the quadrivalent vaccine, which is intended for women between the ages of twenty and forty-five.


According to the phenomenon, 80 to 90 percent of women who have sex will be infected with HPV during their lifetime, which means that there are still 10 to 20 percent of women who will not be infected, which is a very small number of cases. In addition, cervical cancer infection is usually asymptomatic and can be cleared by the body’s immune system automatically after one to two years of infection. Therefore, there is no necessary connection between sex and cervical cancer infection.


For those who have already contracted the disease, it is better to get vaccinated after standard treatment and the body has cleared HPV. Cervical cancer is one of the common malignant tumors in gynecology, second only to breast cancer in terms of incidence. About 250,000 people die from cervical cancer worldwide every year.

When hearing about cancer, maybe many people feel very afraid, but many people feel that cancer is far away from them, so even though people know that cancer is insurmountable and desperate, they still subconsciously think that it will never be his turn to get cancer. People are always lucky before the danger comes.


For cancer, it can be effectively prevented. For example, vaccination is a good way to effectively prevent it. Do you still remember Anita Mui? She died of cervical cancer. Such a vivid life, said to leave and left. If there is a vaccine that has a preventive effect, you should get it more often if you have the conditions, to prevent everything before it happens. Cervical cancer is not only a disease that affects women, but also men, and it is a disease that is transmitted through the skin.


For men, to some extent, there will be more reproductive activity than for women. In some reports, some men more than seventy-six percent have been infected with cervical cancer, then men remove the two years that the body clears on its own, there is a part of the population, which can cause oral cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, so men also have to prevent

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