Love Story

What you meet is fate, what you have is luck

Do you have such a person around you: as soon as you think of each other, the corners of your mouth will rise and you can’t help but smile?

Before you meet that person, your world seems to have only one color, after meeting, your world has thousands of fireflies, glittering star river.

Someone wrote in a poem, “I’m glad to know your peach blossom face, from then on the road more warm spring.”

The acquaintance with a beautiful person is enough to make the rest of the seasons of life condense into a warm spring.

The appearance of some people, like a beam of light into life, brings sincere feelings at the same time, but also allows us to truly experience, “fate” the word wonderful.

The world is a big place, and the years are very wide.

Two people can meet in a sea of people, which is a miracle in itself.

Perhaps, when walking alone, we have countless times expected and envisioned what kind of person we will meet and how far in the future we will meet him.

But when you really meet, you will find that everything is so natural.

As one writer wrote:

Meet the person you meet in the middle of thousands of people, in the middle of thousands of years, not one step earlier, nor later. If you just happen to catch up, there is nothing else to say but to gently ask, “Oh, are you here too?”

The people who should meet will always meet, even if they are far apart, even if they go round and round.

No matter who you meet, that person is the person who should appear in your life, not by chance.

Every person we meet has its own meaning.

The fate between people may seem unpredictable, but in fact it has been arranged.

It is because of the experience of disappointment and parting that the encounter becomes more meaningful.

There is always a person who will come to you, heal your wounded heart, make up for your past regrets, and make you feel that the earth is worth it.

There is a kind of happiness, called fortunate to meet you; there is a kind of guardian, called fortunate to have you.

The most beautiful encounter in the world is to wait for the only soul that fits after all the twists and turns and pains.

The person who is like a rainbow, met only know there.

There are some encounters that are a gift from the heavens.

Life is inevitably regretful, but because of the meeting, that wonderful experience is enough to become a warm memory of our life.

Because of the expectation of meeting, we are willing to take good care of ourselves and believe in our own preciousness until the day you arrive as promised.

Everything in this world is about meeting.

The wind meets the clouds and there is rain, I meet you and there is a story.

We always meet someone at a certain moment in our life, and our fate will change quietly.

And all the warmth and touching, holding and thinking, but also from those who came to us through the sea of people.

The gathering and scattering are all destiny, and the separation is always about love.

Even if we meet briefly, we are fortunate to meet each other’s souls who understand each other, just as the lonely smoke meets the slanting sun, the moment is eternal.

I hope that for the rest of my life, we can cherish our encounters, be grateful for our encounters, remember the warmth between people, and remember every moment that our hearts have moved.

I also hope I become a warm person, living as a gift in the lives of others.

Time determines who you will meet in life, your heart determines who you want to appear in your life, and your behavior determines who can stay in the end.

What you meet is fate, and what you have is luck.

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