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Can I have sex even when I’m pregnant What will happen

1. Can something happen to you if you have sex while pregnant?


For the vast majority of pregnant women, sex is safe, except for high-risk pregnancies.


High-risk maternal refers to:


Pregnant women younger than 16 years old or older than 35 years old; past history of abnormal births such as habitual miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, stillbirth with abnormalities;


Pregnancy with abnormalities such as placenta praevia, placenta abruptio, too much or too little amniotic fluid, fetal malposition, overdue pregnancy, abnormal fetal development, giant fetus, gestational hypertension syndrome, narrow or malformed pelvis


Pregnant women with combined heart disease, chronic nephritis, diabetes, acute infectious hepatitis, tuberculosis, severe anemia and other pregnancy complications; having taken drugs that affect the fetus during pregnancy, having been exposed to harmful substances or radiation and viral infections and other unfavorable factors.

In addition, sex should avoid the first and last month of pregnancy, the first trimester fetal condition is unstable, easy to cause miscarriage, and the second month easy to cause premature birth.


Look at these above, if you do not account for one of them, pick a good time and enjoy making love!


2. what about if it’s wild sex?


In pregnancy, the vagina and cervix are in a state of congestion, if the action is rough, it is very easy to damage Oh! If you usually like to be rough, try to restrain a little when you are pregnant! If you don’t think about the bed, you have to think about the girl and the baby!



3. the penis will always hit the baby’s head or other places?


This point you all rest assured, even if the man is really, really have 18cm, but also absolutely can not hit the.


First of all, when pregnant, the baby lies in the mother’s uterus, the cervix is tightly closed at the moment, not even a drop of water can flow out, the amniotic fluid in the uterine cavity can provide a very good cushioning effect on the baby. The penis passing through the vagina may hit the cervix, although this force is not enough to make the cervix open, except in very rare and exceptional cases.


Also, during sex, the penis is not angled to hit the cervix squarely and then consistently against it.

4. When a woman is pregnant, she has a greater desire for X than usual


During pregnancy, the hormone levels in the body fluctuate very drastically and a woman’s sexual desire increases dramatically during pregnancy.


Also, pregnancy makes it more sensitive than usual due to vaginal engorgement. I’ve heard that the only real orgasm many women have in this life happens during pregnancy.


“You’re talking nonsense, I didn’t do that when I was pregnant!” –said the female colleague sitting next to Xiao Liu.


That’s because pregnancy is a very physical thing, early pregnancy endless morning sickness, and worry about the changes in the body, so many pregnant women are completely unaware of their desire to become stronger this thing ~ ~ ~.

5. give pregnant women “bite”, is this safe?


The actual fact that oral sex is rarely able to transmit sexually transmitted diseases, can be considered generally safe, except do not blow into the vagina, because it may cause air embolism, the consequences are very serious Oh!


So, is it possible to get pregnant… Hmm… Taste funny?


Hormonal changes can cause a woman’s vaginal secretions to smell and taste a little different.


Some people will mind it, but some won’t. 6.


6. do you know what you are doing when the baby is in your belly?


If you have an orgasm, your uterus will contract a little. But the baby will not know what you are doing at all, because there is a thick amniotic fluid to protect the TA, the little baby is subjected to the shock is very small, and again, ask yourself, you can remember what happened before birth?

7. If a pregnant woman has sex without a condom, will she get pregnant with twins?

This is the cutest question Xiaoliu has ever heard.


Of course not! During pregnancy, the ovaries stop ovulating, of course it is impossible to get pregnant again!



8. So is it true that there is no need to wear a condom when having sex with a pregnant woman?


If you have 100% trust in your husband, believe that he is 100% healthy, 100% in your pregnancy did not go out to screw, then long can happily enjoy the real “intimate contact”, do not wear a condom is okay.


But if you are not sure then ……. You should wear it.



9. can i masturbate when i am pregnant?


No matter how strong and powerful you are, masturbation is an irreplaceable experience for girls.


The answer is yes, as long as pregnant women do not have any signs of high-risk pregnancy, are safe, vibrators can also be used safely, remember to wash after use to avoid infection.

10. and some small questions ……


Can having sex cause preterm labor?


Some people have sex a month before their due date and it can cause contractions and then they are actually in labor. But this will only happen within the month before the due date.


What is the best time period to have sex during pregnancy?


From fifteen weeks, the beginning of the middle of pregnancy, early pregnancy reaction also mostly disappeared, this time the pregnant woman began to relax.


From 26 weeks to 40 weeks is the late pregnancy, the vaginal blood flow is more abundant, this time sex, the feeling will be particularly strong, very easy to climax.


What is the best position?


It is recommended to take the side position, rear entry is likely to cause premature birth.


How long after the birth of the baby can I have sex?


Most doctors recommend waiting at least four to six weeks for the birth canal to fully recover from being torn during childbirth before X. What? Your husband said he couldn’t resist?


Let him come over and tell him ~~~~~~~~~


beast !!!!

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