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Pick up chicks chatting skills: mastering the three cores of chatting with girls

Many brothers and girls chatting, always make a variety of mistakes, such as constantly asking girls questions, or constantly to claim each other’s value, praise each other, kneeling each other, these pick-up methods, has long been outdated, to this day, these methods of chatting with these boys, it is difficult to chase the girls like, because too many people have said the same thing to them.

Many brothers and girls chatting, always make all kinds of mistakes, such as constantly asking girls questions, or constantly to claim each other’s value, compliment each other, kneeling each other, these methods of picking up girls, has long been obsolete, to this day, these methods of chatting with these boys, it is difficult to catch up with girls like them, because too many people have said the same thing to them.
Today, our love editor will share with you the skills of picking up girls chatting, teaching you to master the three cores of flirting with girls chatting, in general, you only need to master the following three points, you will not go wrong.

1, reduce the questioning
Too many questions show your desire to out. In fact, want to attract a woman, not how much you know about women. You know more about women, does not mean that you can push her down.

So, all you have to do is to show yourself, do your attraction, women will fall in love. I have a case of getting close to her several times, I do not even know her specific name, what she does. Understanding women is not important, the important thing is to make her want to understand you.

2, control the desire
Many people feel that it is not easy to see beautiful women online, they pull people to talk, as if the longer the better. Boring very, talk about no topic still do not let go, until people are boring.

In fact, they do not have a topic on the decisive offline, or invisible, so there will be the next opportunity to chat, this time to make the atmosphere boring, the next time people directly blocked you. The boring move of pulling the topic without letting go is a sign of low value.

3, good at leaving
The woman will be able to talk a few more sentences for you to fall in love? Not. You have to control the image of yourself chattering in front of the woman, the climax to stop. Let her look forward to your next conversation, you have to do every conversation ender, which is your strong man’s attitude.

I usually say, “A friend asked me to discuss a planning, I’ll go first. This is a high value display. An implied frame, a strong expression.
Below, some common routines and answering tips for chatting with girls on WeChat:
Tip one

Male: Tell me, your name

Female: xxx

Male: My name is xxx, your name and my name is a good match

female: haha, where match?

M: are three words

female: haha, this can be

Technique two

M: I guess you are still a student

Woman: How do you know

M: look so cute betrayed you

Technique three

M: little girl is not underage, right?

Female: You are a little girl, I am 22

M: look so young, so maintenance, teach me

Technique four

female: what is your name

male: name xx, you can call me boyfriend

female: do not want

M: What about you?

Female: xxx

M:Lovely looking guy, but such a corny name

female: blame me, your only corny

skill five

M: You must be a Virgo, so stingy

female: no

M: Then what sign are you

Female: Gemini, and you?

M: the original is a Gemini, it is said that Gemini girls are very dedicated to feelings, I am a Sagittarius, and you are a good match

Technique six

Male: the girl does not look tall oh

female: how tall you

Male: 170, and you?

Female: 163

Male: Then you have to kiss me on tiptoe

female: cut, who wants to kiss you oh

M: You have to cut me! cut me will be one less person who loves you

Skill seven

Male: listen to your accent does not sound like a girl from Guangzhou Oh

Female: Yeah, I’m from Hunan

M: hot girl ah

Female: Haha, right

Technique eight

M: weekend are not going on a date?

Female: ugly no one to date ah

M: Who dares to say you are ugly, tell me, I will help you beat him

Women: Ha ha, you go beat ah

M: must beat him, too honest this child


Technique nine

M: Wow, so you are a female anchor ah

female: not la, occasionally go live under

M: I thought you were full-time, so what do you do

female: the company clerk ah

M: the treatment must be bad ah

Female: Yes, very ordinary

M: Then I suggest you come to me to do my yellow face

Woman: I do not want to be a yellow face, I am white it

male: do my yellow face face is not yellow, because I will make money to buy her the best cosmetics

Woman: so good

Tip 10

M: What are you doing?

Women: eat ah

M: I’m hungry!

Women: hungry, go eat ah

M: I want to go to your place to rub dinner

Woman: Then you come ah

M: I came to you all eaten up (cursing expression)

Women: ha ha

Skill eleven

Woman: What are you doing?

M: two things

Woman: what is it

M: breathing and thinking about you

Woman: really fake ah

M: really, think about you are thinking about eating

Women: ha ha, so exaggerated

Tips twelve

M: thinking about the recent business days, although busy but very fulfilling, now can have time to chat with people like, there is full of happiness

Women: what do you do ah

Male: do some small business

Woman: What business?

M: specializing in teaching people how to pick up ignorant and good-looking girls like you

Woman: I’m so scared

Tips 13

M: just watched a very classic movie

WOMAN: What movie

M: Meatball

Woman: pervert

M: Wow, you found out so quickly

Skill fourteen

Woman: still not sleep

M: just met a budding girl, excited to sleep

Woman: Who is it?

M: Tell me your name

Female: Chen Xiaoli

M: Yes, his name is Chen Xiaoli

Female: Haha, will chat

Technique fifteen

M: eight rings, I am hungry, you give me to go to the edge of it

Female: roll, you are the eight rings

Technique sixteen

female: you go, I don’t want you

Male: divorce?

female: yes

M: good, the children to you, the money to me

Female: No, what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is still mine

Tip 17

M: What kind of boys do you like?

female: the girl must like the second master as well

Male: Unfortunately I am the Buddha female: but I am not a girl

M: In my eyes, you are a girl

female: then not to call you Master Buddha?

Male: good

Technique 18

male: I am more tired today, to go to bed

female: En, then the emperor you hurry to sleep

male: love consort you kneel, tomorrow you turn your cards

female: feelings you have a harem of three thousand beauties

Male: the weak water three thousand only take you a scoop ah

Technique 19

male: you reply again so slow, I have to fire you

female: boss you can not bear? Male: future performance better, or you will take off your pants to beat your ass

Female: boss you are horny

Tips twenty

Male: class does not listen well, after class you will give me a penalty

female: teacher do not, I was wrong, I dare not again

male: next time so badly behaved on the whip to serve

Technique 21

Male: Can you follow the script to go female: forgive me for being uninhibited and love freedom

M: That’s what fairies do

female: I am the little fairy

M: then I am Dong Yong, while you take a bath to steal your clothes

Women: ha ha, I’m so scared ah

Technique twenty-two

Male: It’s almost 7 o’clock, you hurry to eat

Women: How do you know I did not eat

Male: see you reply so slow I know you are now hungry and weak

The above is this period of picking up girls chat tips as well as a large number of chat conversation records, hope to help brothers.

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